10 Easy Ways to Give Your Living Room a Makeover Without Breaking the Bank

Is your living room in need of a face-lift? The living room often is the hub of the home and it is where most families spend a majority of their time together. But with young children, I totally get it if you don’t want to spend an arm and leg on new furniture. New furniture with young children usually means that your couch is used as a trampoline and sticky hand prints. We never replaced our living room furniture until our kids were old enough not to destroy it.

When our living room needed a face-lift, we used these tips below.

 Rearrange the Furniture

Over the years, I have lived in several different homes. My favorite way to change up my living room was to change the way my living room furniture was arranged. It always gave the room a new look and feel without spending a dime.

Add a Pop of Color

I’m a huge fan of HGTV and love watching the designers completely decorate a new space. I always see designers adding a pop of color to change things up. Adding a pop of color is a great way to transform a room without spending an arm and a leg. You can add fun accent pieces using an accent color or add some new throw pillows on your sofa.

Pick a New Paint Color

Grabbing a can of paint and a paintbrush is a quick and easy way to change the look of a room instantly. Paint is an easy project that can transform your outdated paint color in your living room. There are 100’s of different paint colors to choose from to achieve the look and feel that you want without spending a ton of money. Plus, there are paints that help resist stains and clean up sticky fingerprints easily.

Add a Versatile Piece of Furniture or Other Functional Pieces that Help Conquer the Clutter Too

One thing Joanna Gaines, stresses to her clients that have children, is to use versatile pieces of furniture or organizational tools to help control the clutter. She loves using wooden crates, storage cubbies, old trunks, baskets, and versatile piece of furniture to help keep the clutter at bay in the living room.  These pieces can be designed to hide your child’s clutter at the end of the day and it will help you keep your sanity.

Add Faux Exposed Beams

Exposed beams give a unique architectural feature that add character and personality to an unseemingly boring room. It is a feature that you can easily add to your home without ripping down drywall or taking on a major home renovation. Faux beams can be purchased or you can make your own DIY beams depending on how handy you are. Visit HGTV’s collection of faux beam inspiration ideas here.

10 Easy Ways to Give Your Living Room a Makeover Without Breaking the Bank


Design an Accent Wall

Do you love shiplap, beadboard, reclaimed wood, wallpaper, wainscoting or even a pop of color using a can of paint? Adding an accent wall can easily change the look of your living room without spending a ton of money.

It is important to choose the right wall in your living room to choose for your accent wall. An accent wall should be the focal point of a room when you first walk into it. Remember it is important to choose an the right materials and color for your accent wall so that it blends with the remaining walls.

Wide Baseboards

Do you currently have tiny baseboards in your home? When we sold our home a little of a year ago, I would have loved to add wide baseboards but it wasn’t in our budget. If wide baseboards, it out of your budget, you can opt to create your own DIY baseboards by layering several different pieces and painting them the same color.

The company that we used to install laminate flooring added a smaller piece of painted wood to cover any gaps between the wall and flooring. At first it looked a bit weird but once it was completed, I liked how it added to the original baseboards and gave it a new look even though they weren’t wide enough.

Crown Molding

The builder who built our home in 2008, added crown molding in the common areas. It was one of my favorite features because it added dimension and character. If you don’t currently have crown molding in your living room, it is something that you can easily add without spending a fortune.

Use Open Shelving

Do you lack floor space in your living room or need somewhere to display your favorite momentos. Open shelving is a great way to organize and display your favorite items in your family room. Plus, it makes it easy to show off breakable items because they can safely be placed out of the reach of tiny hands.

Create a Photo Wall

As parents, we often take tons of photos when we are on family outtings but the photos tend to stay locked away on cell phone. Instead, why don’t you print out a few of your favorite photos are create a photo wall. You can easily find inexpensive frames at Walmart or even head to your local thrift store. Don’t be afraid to add other decor to your photo wall as long as it sticks to a “family” theme.

The living room is the central hub of your home and it is a space were the entire family spends time. With young children running around, I can easily understand why you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg giving your living room a much needed face-lift.

10 Easy Ways to Give Your Living Room a Makeover Without Breaking the Bank

Which of these ideas do you plan on using to change the look of your living room without spending a large sum of money?


Christy has three children. She has over 22 years of parenting experience, including parenting as a young mom, a single parent, and dealing with chronic illness/pain. When she isn't writing, you can find her coloring, playing Candy Crush, and listening to Taylor Swift.

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  1. Our entire house needs a facelift LOL! I love the idea of a little pop of color! I have been looking for some good ideas to do in our house. It could use a lot of color.

  2. You just gave me some great ideas. I am so bored with my living room at the moment. I'll have to see if I can recruit some help to rearrange it and adding color is a super idea too.

  3. Great post! We are moving this summer to a new home and I can't wait to do some updating. So funny you mentioned a picture wall I have all my pictures set aside to do this.

  4. We want to update our living room at some point. We did recently change the curtains at least, but we want at new couch and love seat, plus better flooring!

  5. I think accent walls are such an easy way to elevate a room. I once did it in our master bedroom and it was so lovely and made such a huge difference.

  6. All of these are wonderful ideas. Rearranging the furniture is something I do for spring. Bring out and move around decoration pieces. Change out the pillows.

  7. These are really great tips! I love the idea of adding a gallery wall and a pop of color to the space.

  8. I love those built in book shelves! I do agree, there are so many ways you can upgrade a room without breaking a bank.

  9. I have been wanting to paint my living room for about 10 years. When we moved in, it was a dark blue, which I thought was too dark for the house, but we painted it an off white color with a green tint and I am so sick of it now.

  10. Looks like some good advice. Changing the look of your living room can breathe new life to it. This can change your whole mood.

  11. I really need to update my spaces, but don't have much of a budget. These are great ideas for changing up our rooms without spending a lot.

  12. I love a photo wall! It really adds a personal touch to a home too. Great tips!

  13. Nancy at Whispered Inspirations says:

    These are really great ways to update your living room! Especially without hurting the wallet. I am going to have to try some of these asap.

  14. I’ve been wanting to do something different with our living room for months now. I haven’t really given it a lot of thought because I figured it would just cost too much. Now you’ve gotten me thinking!

  15. I think these are pretty awesome ideas! It's really nice to be able to refresh the look of your living room without breaking the bank. I think rearranging the furniture definitely makes a difference.

  16. I have always been a fan of an accent wall. I never thought to do Faux Exposed Beams but I like the sound of it.

  17. These are amazing ways to add a little pizzazz to one's home affordably. I Really love the idea of faux beams in the living room & dining room. We have been thinking about doing just that!!

  18. These are great recommendations. I have dark paneling and painted my dining room last year. It looks so much better. I plan to paint the rest of my house this year.

  19. Here's some additional things. If you have a great room put some molding up. Also, if you have a foyer connected to your great room, consider breaking those up with some molding for a division. Consider swapping up out a fan with a more elegant light.

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