Best High School Class Ring Alternatives

High school class rings tend to get hyped up to a memory that you want to wear forever but why not check out some high school class ring alternatives instead. As a junior, most students have already studied which class rings that they are already interested in so that they can show their parents. I remember picking out what I’d like to have and running home to show my parents. I’m thankful that my parents bought me a high school class ring. I wore it the remainder of my junior and senior year of high school. Then about a year after I graduated from high school, my ring went into my jewelry box and it has sat there for over 20 years.

Senior high school rings do serve as a memory for all the hard work and dedication that your child has accomplished over the years. But do students really need to spend several hundred dollars on a high school class ring that they will only wear maybe two years? Parents, I wanted to share with you several other things that you could get your child instead of a high school class ring.

Dainty Rings

I’m sure you have already heard the spill that everyone in their class is getting a high school class ring and your soon-to-be graduate is already feeling left out. When my daughter was a senior in high school, my daughter wanted a high school ring but I explained to her that you won’t likely wear it once you graduate high school. Instead, I got her a dainty ring that she could wear forever. There are plenty of dainty rings to choose from and you can even find them with colored stones. Colored stones could represent your high school colors or you can get something plain n simple to wear.

Put The Money in an IRA or Mutual Funds

Take the money that you would have spent on your child’s high school class rin and put the money into an IRA or Mutual funds. I get that this isn’t an exciting option as a junior in high school but over time as the money grows your child will appreciate that you put the money into an account to grow.

Go on a Special Trip

Plan a special trip for your graduating senior and use the money that you would have spent on a class ring. I get that they won’t have a ring to show off or keep as a keepsake. But memories last a lifetime. Why not book a special trip such as going on a destination getaway that is all-inclusive or a cruise? Don’t forget to take plenty of photos.

Enroll in a Trade School

Many parents often expect their child to go off to college after high school, but there are plenty of jobs that pay well without a college degree. The best way to find a good-paying job without a college degree is to find a skilled trade that you are interested in, such as, plumbing, electrician, painter, auto mechanic, HVAC technician, and many more. Then enroll in a class that can get you on your way to a long-lasting career. Trade jobs are some of the fastest-growing fields too!

Having a high school class ring may seem like a huge deal to your teen right now but in several years they most likely won’t remember it. Sit down and have a discussion with your child and come up with the best solution to make both of you happy.

Did you buy a high school class ring? Which of these alternative ideas would you have preferred to have instead?

14 thoughts on “Best High School Class Ring Alternatives”

  1. My kids never really wanted a class ring, but both of them made shirts to be signed their senior years and they both still wear them being out of school for a few years now.

  2. I did get the class ring but I never ended up wearing it and it was a total waste of money. It’s better to use it for other purposes for sure.

  3. That heart ring is beautiful! It is nice to have some alternatives to a ring. I never got a class ring, and I’m glad I didn’t, because I don’t see myself wearing one.

  4. I didn’t want (or get) a high school ring, and neither did my kids. My husband got one and stopped wearing it by the time he went to college. I like all of your alternatives to buying a class ring.


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