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In early 2018, I decided to start a blogspot on blogger because I wasn’t sure how I would manage writing for more than one blog on a regular basis. Every since we had to sell my first blog, I have always had the tug to start another parenting and lifestyle blog. Finding the right blog name is critical to creating a brand that attracts readers is one of the most important aspects of building a blog.

My first blog, I spent several days brainstorming and writing down names that I thought would align with my vision. This go around, the process wasn’t as tedious. One night while I was laying in bed, it came to me and I knew that it was meant to be.

Ice cream is one of my favorite desserts and we all know that it is something that kids enjoy too. I started envisioning a young child with an ice cream cone in hand. The ice cream started melting and running down the ice cream cone faster than the young child could eat it. As the ice cream ran down the ice cream cone, it got all over the child’s hand.

Then I envisioned the child walking around with messy and sticky hands. Those sticky hands are now touching everything around them and leaving a mess behind them.

There are messes in the kids room, a pile of laundry on the floor in front of the washing machine, a laundry basket of clean clothes waiting to be folded and put away, dishes overflowing from the sink, Cheerios in the floorboard of the car, you haven’t had a date night with your spouse in ages, and the list could go on and on. Life was meant to be messy like a young child eating an ice cream cone.

Social media misleads us to believe that our lives are supposed to be perfect from preparing the kid’s lunches to your relationship with your spouse, that everything is neat and tidy in your home, and that you are living the dream life. No body posts when things go haywire or when life isn’t perfect. Instead, we try to hide those messy moments and we don’t dare post them on social media for everyone else to see.

Even though I have been a blogger for over 5 years, I am even guilty of portraying that I have a perfect life. However, that is far from the truth. I created this blog to share life’s messy moments and do my best to portray what goes on behind the scenes.

About Us - The Story Behind Ice Cream n Sticky Fingers

Have you ever had to come up with a blog name or a name for a project that you are working on?

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