Prevent Dog Dental Disease + DIY Blueberry Mint Dog Treats

Healthy DIY Dog Treats for Hot Day

Did you know your dog’s teeth can say a lot about their overall health? Prevention is the best way to prevent dog dental disease. Just like us, your dog’s teeth need attention daily. Keeping their teeth and gums healthy not only to keep their breath smelling fresh but you don’t want your furbaby to suffer … Read more

What to Expect for Your Dog’s Vaccinations

Vaccinations for Dogs

When your puppy is 6-8 weeks of age (this can typically be anticipated for week 8, but may be necessary at week 6 depending on special circumstances).   Every 3-4 weeks after the first vaccination until your puppy is about 16 weeks old. Booster shots one year following the initial vaccines. Disclosure: Please contact your veterinarian … Read more