How to Financially Recover After COVID-19

How to Financially Recover After COVID-19

Are you wondering who you will financially recover after COVID-19? Have you been financially impacted by COVID-19? Most families often live paycheck to paycheck and have little to no savings at all. Then when faced with a layoff, reduced work hours, forced to quit due to child care problems, or your own business no longer … Read more

How to Start a Successful House Flipping Business

DO your research before starting a house flipping project

Have you ever been interested in flipping houses? What about starting a house flipping business? After watching too many episodes of Fixer Upper, Flip or Flop, Property Brothers, and Dessert Flippers. These three shows would transform the ugliest house on the block and turn it into someone’s dream home. I’ve dreamed of flipping houses at … Read more

Benefits of Starting an Online Business as a Teen

Starting an Online Business Teenager

Is your teenager looking for a job and coming up empty-handed? What about starting an online business as teen? Since, many entry-level jobs are being snatched up by adult workers, leaving teenagers with a disadvantage when it comes to finding their first job. Teenagers are now being forced to think outside of the box to … Read more

5 Things Your Teen Needs to Know Before Starting A Business

Teen Needs to Know Before Starting A Business

Is your teen looking for a job or do they plan on starting a business? Summer employment opportunities for teenagers has steadily declined since the Great Recession in 2010 (housing market crash). Roughly 70% of teenagers are not working or looking for a job. Only about 30% of teenagers actually held a job during the … Read more

Teenagers: Consider a Career in the IT Field Without a Degree

Do I need a degree to get an IT job

Teens, have you considered a career in the IT field that doesn’t require a degree? Jobs in the IT (information technology) industry will continue to be in high demand. Technology is rapidly changing and companies will be dependent on well-qualified personnel who has very specific training within the IT field. IT professionals are drawn to … Read more

Fastest Growing Trade Jobs Teens Should Consider

Electrician Fastest Growing Trade Jobs Teens Should Consider

Do you have a freshman in high school this year? Students preparing for their freshman year in high school often have to start planning their high school years towards the end of 8th grade. Your child picks a graduation plan and starts determining which courses to take that can help them be prepared post highschool. … Read more

Best Business Practices Every Company Should Use to Prevent Fraud

Best Business Practices Every Company Should Use to Prevent Fraud

Fraud. Embezzlement. You hear these words all the time. Businesses face crimes inside their company all the time and no one is exempt. There is always some sort of way that an employee can abuse his situation and hurt your company. How does your company prevent fraud in the workplace? Best Business Practices Every Company … Read more