Hospital Bag Checklist for New Moms

Congratulations on your upcoming bundle of joy! Preparing a hospital bag is an essential task for new moms as it ensures you have everything you need for a comfortable stay during and after childbirth. Here’s a hospital bag checklist for new moms:

Hospital Bag Checklist for New Moms

Personal Identification and Insurance Information

Bring your ID, insurance card, and any other necessary identification or paperwork for hospital registration.

Birth Plan

If you have a birth plan, bring a printed copy to discuss with your healthcare provider.

Comfortable Clothing

Pack loose, comfortable clothing such as a nightgown or a nursing bra, maternity underwear, and socks. Don’t forget to pack a going-home outfit for you and your baby.

Comfort Items

Bring items that bring you comfort, such as a favorite pillow, blanket, or soothing music playlist. These can help you relax during labor and recovery.


If you take any prescription medications or have any specific over-the-counter medications you prefer, be sure to pack them.

Birth Ball or Other Comfort Aids

Some women find using a birth ball or other comfort aids helpful during labor. If you have specific comfort items you’d like to use, consider bringing them along.

Hair Ties or Headbands

Keep your hair out of your face during labor with hair ties or headbands.


Bring travel-sized toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, and any other personal care items you use on a daily basis.

Maternity Pads

Stock up on maternity pads or period pads for postpartum bleeding or leakage. You will need these when you get home. Don’t pack any for the hospital unless you want cotton-free pads (aff link).

Hospital Bag Checklist for New Moms

Breastfeeding Supplies

If you plan to breastfeed, bring nursing bras, nipple cream, breast pads, and a breast pump if you prefer to use your own.

Snacks and Drinks

Labor and delivery can be tiring, so bring some healthy snacks and drinks to keep you energized during and after childbirth. Don’t forget some for your partner.


Bring books, magazines, or any other form of entertainment to help you pass the time during labor or recovery.

Cell Phone and Charger

Make sure your cell phone is charged and bring a charger to keep it powered up during your hospital stay.

Camera or Video Camera

Capture the special moments of your baby’s birth with a camera or video camera. Do ask if your doctor allows you to photographic or record during the birthing process. Some doctors don’t allow it.

Hospital Bag Checklist for New Moms

Baby Essentials

Pack baby clothes, swaddle blankets (aff link), burp cloths, pacifiers, and any other essentials for your newborn. The hospital will provide formula, diapers, and wipes.

Postpartum Care Items

Unless you want specific items such as cotton-free pads or other special items. You don’t need to bring much to the hospital. Most hospitals will provide mesh underwear, pads, and perineal bottle and spray as needed.

Going-Home Outfit for You and the Baby

Pack a cute outfit for your baby to wear when you’re ready to head home from the hospital. Don’t forget to pack something for you to wear home as well. You will most likely still have swelling and a small belly from your pregnancy so make sure to bring something stretchy, comfortable, or even maternity clothing.

Car Seat

Make sure you have a properly installed car seat for your newborn to bring your baby home safely. Most fire departments can help you properly install your baby’s car seat if you are having trouble.

List of Important Contacts

Have a list of important contacts, such as family members, friends, health insurance, and healthcare providers, in case you need to reach out during your hospital stay.

Cash or Change for Vending Machines

Sometimes hospital cafeterias are closed or limited in their offerings, so having some cash or change for vending machines can be helpful for snacks or drinks.

Extra Bags

Pack a few extra bags to bring home any items provided by the hospital, such as diapers, wipes, or baby care products.

Notebook and Pen

Keep track of important information, questions for your healthcare provider, or notes about your baby’s feeding and diapering schedule.

Remember to pack what you feel is essential for your personal comfort and needs. It’s also a good idea to check with your hospital or healthcare provider for any specific recommendations or requirements they may have. Good luck with your labor and delivery, and congratulations on becoming a new mom! Remember this is just a basic hospital bag checklist for new moms so adjust it as you see fit.

Hospital Bag Checklist for New Moms

What are some other suggestions to put on the hospital bag checklist for new moms?

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  1. Snacks are so important for the bag. With my last kid, I snuck a granola bar while I was in labor, even though I was allowed to eat.

  2. Such a great list of must haves for the hospital bag when having a baby. I remember doing this….and it is so helpful and helps to eliminate stress too as you are prepared oin advance.

  3. I know how crucial it is to have everything you need ready to go. Your list is thorough and covers all the essentials—I especially appreciate the reminder about extra bags for hospital goodies.

  4. this is a comprehensive checklist and going to prove useful for new moms.. i recall spending time getting the going-home outfits for my kids!

  5. That’s a comprehensive list, really helpful for moms to be! Where we are, we’re given all a baby would need in it’s first week, all in an insulated bag (which we would also use for many years).


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