Letter L Coloring Sheets

Before heading off to kindergarten your child will have to be able to recognize the letter of the alphabet. If your child knows how to recognize both upper and lower case letters, they will be ahead of their peers.

Disclosure: These worksheets were created by PartyHead Graphics for our site. They are free for personal and classroom use only.

In Kindergarten, we had a puppet named Astro that was filled with the letters A to Z. Each week a student would draw a letter. Then all of the activities that we did for the week started with the letter that was drawn.

Today, I wanted to introduce your child to the letter “L”. In our packet, we have 8 coloring sheets that all start with the letter “L”. Have your child color each worksheet using the color by number chart on each page.









Download and Print Off These Letter L Coloring Sheets

Ask your child what other words can you think of that start with the letter “L”. For further learning, have them write the letter L in upper and lowercase letters on a separate sheet of paper.

Do you think your child will enjoy the Letter L Coloring Sheets?

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