Level Up: How To Improve Your Gift-Giving Skills

Gift-giving is a delightful way to show someone just how much you care. It expresses love and appreciation and can create lasting memories that warm the heart. However, some may struggle to hit the mark. But fear not; anyone can become a savvy gift-giver with a little guidance. Here’s how to improve your gift-giving skills!

Level Up: How To Improve Your Gift-Giving Skills

Know Who You’re Gifting

Understanding the recipient is the first step in giving a meaningful gift. Consider their personality, hobbies, and tastes. People will likely appreciate a gift that aligns with their interests.

Is your friend a bookworm? A signed copy of their favorite author’s book or some high-quality bookmarks might just be the ticket.

Is your mom a gardening enthusiast? A rare plant or new tools may be the perfect way to say, “I appreciate you.”

Pay Attention to Hints and Wishlist Items

People drop subtle hints about what they want. It could be during casual conversations, or they might have a running wish list. They may mention a new gadget they’re eyeing or comment about a particular item. Pay attention to these cues.

Furthermore, some people have online wish lists that you can view. These are goldmines for gift ideas.

Consider Practicality and Longevity

While sentiment is important, don’t overlook the practicality of a gift. Choose something the recipient can use. Longevity is also key to gift-giving. Instead of trendy items that go out of style, opt for timeless pieces they can enjoy for years.

How To Improve Your Gift-Giving Skills

Moreover, practical gift wrapping can add value to your gift. Instead of the traditional wrapping paper that ends up in the bin, consider unique options.

For instance, a creative use for drawstring backpacks is gift wrapping. Mesh baskets and reusable totes are good options, too. Recipients will receive two gifts in one with practical wrapping!

Personalize With a Thoughtful Touch

A personal touch can elevate a good gift to a great one. It shows that you’ve put in the extra thought and effort to make the recipient feel special.

You can add personalization with an engraving or customize a gift to suit their unique preferences. For instance, an elegant knife block with the recipient’s initials is a gift they can proudly display in their kitchen.

Keep a Record

It’s common to forget what you’ve given someone in the past, leading to accidental repeats. But you can improve your gift-giving skills by recording your past gifts.

Create a list in your phone’s note app or a section in a journal. This will stop the cycle of duplicate gifts and help you see a person’s evolving tastes over time, which can help you think of future gifts.

Level Up: How To Improve Your Gift-Giving Skills

What other ways can you level up and learn how to improve your gift-giving skills?

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