Trace the Sentences Worksheet

Today, I am continuing the series of the CVC Words with this fun worksheet. Your kids will enjoy the Trace the Sentences worksheet. It has dotted lines so that they can practice their letters and improve their writing skills.

Disclosure: These worksheets are free for personal and classroom use only. They are not to be distributed or reproduced. I own the rights to these worksheets.

As you know, CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) short vowel words are one-syllable, three-letter words. They typically follow a pattern and are a fundamental element for pre-reading. You can learn more about how to teach kids short vowel sounds here.

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Trace the Sentences

Trace the Sentences Worksheet

To do this activity, have your child read each sentence and then trace the sentences.

Download the Trace the Sentences Worksheet Here

CVC words are necessary for building pre-reading skills in preschoolers. I hope that your kids enjoy these worksheets and they are learning new sight words. If you want to expand upon this activity, you can have your child write the sentences on a separate piece of paper without using the dotted lines to trace them.

Trace the Sentences Worksheet

Do you think your kids will enjoy the Trace the Sentences worksheet?

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