5 Summer Activities You Can Still Do in the Winter

When winter arrives, parents may struggle to find recreational opportunities for their summer-loving children. But these five summer activities you can still do in the winter will keep your whole family engaged and excited.

5 Summer Activities You Can Still Do in the Winter

Go Camping or Glamping

Winter camping presents a unique opportunity to enjoy nature’s tranquility. In winter, the quiet, snow-blanketed landscapes offer a different kind of beauty and adventure. Equip yourselves with warm clothing, insulated sleeping bags, and a sturdy tent. If you prefer a touch of comfort, consider glamping. Many glamping sites operate year-round and offer heated tents, yurts, or cabins.

Walk or Drive Along the Beach

A beach walk in the winter can be an exhilarating experience. The shorelines are less crowded, providing a serene environment for leisurely walks. Dress warmly and watch as your kids joyfully collect winter shells or observe the sea’s winter rhythm. If the beach permits it, a drive along the beach in your SUV, ATV, or UTV can provide beautiful views of the winter seascape.Just be sure you winterize your SUV or prepare your UTV for winter use, and take extra safety precautions if you’re riding with your children. Drive slowly, use proper restraints, and have your child wear a helmet, goggles, and sturdy boots. This isn’t the time for rambunctious, bouncy ascents of sand dunes or doing donuts on the beach. Leave that for the grown-ups.

Visit State or National Parks

State and national parks offer an array of activities during the winter. Birdwatching can be especially rewarding, as some species only make their appearance in these cooler months. Wildlife observation becomes easier as animals stand out against the snow-covered landscapes. Moreover, hiking trails are less crowded, giving your family the chance to enjoy nature at its most peaceful. Check your local park’s website for any winter-specific programs or restrictions.

5 Summer Activities You Can Still Do in the Winter

Book a Whale-Watching Tour

Winter is a fantastic time for whale watching in many parts of the country. Species like humpback and gray whales migrate during this season, offering an unforgettable spectacle. Book a tour with a responsible operator that respects marine wildlife and safety regulations.

Visit a Botanic Garden

Botanic gardens in winter can be magical. Many plants bloom in the colder months, offering a riot of colors and fragrances. Children will love exploring the different plant species, and many gardens have educational programs tailored for young visitors.

When there’s plenty of snow, winter is usually a delight for children. But when the weather is just gray and cold, it can be a bummer. And for kids who live for summer outdoor sports and water recreation, winter can seem interminable.

But with these five summer activities that you can still do in the winter, you can transform the coldest months into a time of adventure and discovery. Bundle up, step out, and make some beautiful winter memories with your family.

5 Summer Activities You Can Still Do in the Winter

What are some other summer activities you can still do in the winter?

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  1. Walking along the beach in winter sounds like a serene and wonderful experience. I never considered it before, but the idea of a quieter shoreline and the chance for my kids to collect winter shells has me excited!

  2. There are several other summer activities that you can still do in the winter. Here are a few ideas: Indoor water parks, indoor sports, indoor picnics, even VR! These activities can help bring some summer fun and excitement to the winter months, keeping everyone engaged and enjoying quality time together.

  3. Wow, what a list of amazing activities you have mentioned that we can do it in winter. Camping with family or friends and enjoying snow is my favorite. Recently I visited Douro in Portugal and enjoyed port wineand relax with a cruise along the Douro River.


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