6 Year Molar Symptoms

What are the 6 year molar symptoms? The eruption of 6-year molars, also known as the first permanent molars or “first molars,” typically occurs around the age of 6. Here are some common symptoms that children may experience during the eruption of their 6-year molars:

Symptoms of 6 year molars

Swelling and Tenderness

The gums around the erupting molars may become swollen and tender. This can cause discomfort or pain for the child.


Due to the discomfort associated with the eruption, children may become irritable or fussy during this time.

Jaw and Ear Pain

Pain from erupting molars can sometimes radiate to the jaw and ear area, causing temporary pain or discomfort in those regions.

Chewing Difficulties

Children may find it challenging to chew food properly due to the discomfort caused by the erupting molars. This can lead to changes in eating habits or reluctance to eat hard or chewy foods.

What are the 6 year molar symptoms

Sleeping Disturbances

Discomfort or pain can disrupt a child’s sleep patterns, causing difficulty falling asleep or frequent waking during the night.

Increased Drooling

Some children may experience increased drooling as the molars erupt, similar to what they may have experienced during teething as infants.

Biting or Chewing on Objects

Children may instinctively bite or chew on objects to alleviate the pressure and discomfort they feel in their gums.

Swollen Lymph Nodes

The lymph nodes in the neck area may become slightly swollen and tender during the eruption of the molars.

Mild Fever

In some cases, children may develop a slight elevation in body temperature during the eruption of their molars. However, if the fever is high or persistent, it may be unrelated to the molars and could indicate an unrelated illness.

It’s important to note that not all children will experience severe symptoms during the eruption of their 6-year molars. Some children may have a relatively smooth and painless eruption, while others may experience more discomfort. If you’re concerned about your child’s symptoms or if they seem to be experiencing significant pain, it’s always a good idea to consult a pediatric dentist or healthcare professional for guidance and appropriate management.

6 Year Molar Symptoms

What are the 6 year molar symptoms?

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