New Year’s Eve Activities for Kids

Did you have a great Christmas this year? My son enjoyed all of his gifts this year. We did everything on Christmas Eve so that he could enjoy everything before he headed to his dad’s house for Christmas. New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and without further ado, let’s take a look at some New Year’s Even activities for kids.

What are some fun New Year's Eve Activities for Kids

DIY Countdown Clock

Create a countdown clock together using paper plates or cardboard. Decorate it and move the hands as you approach midnight.

New Year’s Eve Craft Station

Set up a craft station with supplies for making party hats, noisemakers, or even DIY confetti poppers.

Mocktail Party

Create festive non-alcoholic drinks (kid-friendly mocktails) together. Let the kids mix and match juices or soda to create their own special drinks.

Photo Booth

Set up a photo booth corner with props and costumes for kids to take fun pictures to remember the night.

Balloon Drop

Make a balloon drop with balloons and a large sheet or net filled with confetti or small treats. Release it at midnight or an earlier hour if kids can’t stay up late.

Family Games Night

Plan a game night with board games, charades, or even a scavenger hunt around the house.

Movie Marathon

Choose a series of kid-friendly movies to watch leading up to midnight. Make it extra special by building a fort with blankets and pillows.

New Year’s Resolutions

Encourage kids to think about resolutions or goals for the upcoming year. They can write them down or draw them on colorful paper.

Best New Year's Eve Activities for Kids

Bake Together

Create New Year-themed treats like cookies or cupcakes. Let the kids decorate them with colorful icing and sprinkles.

Dance Party

Crank up some lively music and host a dance party! Encourage everyone to show off their best dance moves and celebrate together.

Memory Jar

Make a memory jar for the new year. Have the kids write down their favorite memories from the past year or wishes for the upcoming one and put them in the jar to be opened next New Year’s Eve.

Glow-in-the-Dark Fun

Use glow sticks, bracelets, or necklaces to have a glow-in-the-dark party. You can even play glow-in-the-dark tag or create glowing art on dark paper.


Gather around and take turns sharing stories about the best moments of the year or make up imaginative tales about the adventures you hope to have in the new year.

Fort Building

Collaborate on building an epic fort using blankets, pillows, and cushions. It can become a cozy hideaway for storytelling or watching movies.

Family Talent Show

Encourage the kids (and adults!) to showcase their talents. Whether it’s singing, dancing, telling jokes, or showing off a special skill, everyone gets a chance to shine.

Wishing Wall

Set up a wall or board where everyone can write their wishes or hopes for the new year. Decorate it with colorful markers, stickers, and drawings.

Nature Walk or Scavenger Hunt

If weather permits, take a stroll outside or organize a scavenger hunt in your yard or a nearby park. Create a list of items to find or nature-related challenges for added fun.

Fun New Year's Eve Activities for Kids

Karaoke Party

Sing your hearts out with a karaoke session! Let the kids pick their favorite songs and perform for the family.

Good Deed Jar

Start the new year on a positive note by writing down good deeds or acts of kindness you’d like to do and place them in a jar. Throughout the year, pull out a random deed and make it happen.

Midnight Snack Buffet

Set up a snack buffet with an assortment of treats and goodies for a late-night snack fest as you count down to midnight.

Shadow Puppet Show

Dim the lights and create a shadow puppet theater using a flashlight and hands. Kids can put on their own imaginative shows for the family.

Decorate Party Poppers

Use empty toilet paper rolls or DIY tubes to create party poppers. Fill them with confetti, sparkles, or small treats. Let the kids decorate them before the big countdown.

Musical Chairs with a Twist

Play musical chairs, but instead of removing chairs, use themed cushions or mats. When the music stops, everyone rushes to stand on a mat that represents a New Year’s resolution or wish.

Marshmallow Tower Building

Use marshmallows and toothpicks or spaghetti sticks to build tall towers. The tallest tower that can stand for 30 seconds wins!

DIY Confetti Art

Make artwork using glue and colorful confetti. Kids can create New Year-themed designs or their own abstract masterpieces.

Fireworks (if safe and legal)

If there’s a safe area and it’s legal in your location, you might set off some safe and kid-friendly fireworks to celebrate.

Remember to involve the kids in planning and let them contribute their ideas—it’ll make the night even more special for them! It is hard to believe that we are just days away from finishing out the year. We hope that your kids enjoy these fun New Year’s Eve activities for kids.

New Year's Eve Activities for Kids

What are some other New Year’s Eve Activities for kids?

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  1. These are some fun ideas. My kids are older so one was with friends and the other was playing video games, ha. Then we went out at midnight and watched fireworks.

  2. Thank you for some great ideas for our New Year’s celebration with the kids. A dance party and setting resolutions is the perfect activity for us.

  3. These are some fun ideas for the kids for New Year’s Eve. I didn’t get a chance to spend New Year’s with my kids. I got Covid, but I’m keeping these in mind for next year.

  4. These are great recommendations on making new years fun for children! It really is important to involve kids in the planning process and I’m sure it would make the experience all the more special to them!

  5. There are so many fun activities that can be done with the children on New Year’s Eve. Thanks for sharing these ideas.

  6. Its late night here, I read it in the evening and shared it with my sister in law. Your New Year’s Eve Activities for Kids post is fantastic! The ideas are creative and simple, perfect for keeping little ones engaged. The clear instructions make it easy for parents to follow. My family loved the suggestions.

  7. The Mocktail Party idea is genius! Creating special drinks with the kids is such a fantastic way to involve them in the festivities!

  8. These are great and fun ideas! We actually had a family games night and everyone had a blast. We did charades and lots of parlor games. Love the idea of doing a scavenger hunt. Will keep this in mind for next year.

  9. Good to know your son enjoyed his gifts. And these are great activities for kids. My son is now a young adult and we watched the ball drop on TV. Glad we made it to midnight. 🙂

  10. These are wonderful ideas. I used to have a family game night with my boys, and we did Bing watching movies and cooked together and baked amazing dessert for our new year party.


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