How to Build the Perfect Summertime Reading Nook

Building your child the perfect summertime reading nook to relax with a book on a hot summer day is a great way to take advantage of the heat to get your child to read more. Set up a comfortable space that is only open for use when your child is reading rather than playing on devices. This will help encourage your child to find and get lost in a book.

How to Build the Perfect Summertime Reading Nook

How to Build the Perfect Summertime Reading Nook

Add Cozy Seating

The most important part of a great reading nook is a cozy place to sit. When you want to get lost in a good book you need a space that is so comfortable it is easy to forget where you are. This can be done by using a large recliner, bean bag, or even a hammock. Some families have even used an outgrown crib mattress as the base for a cozy reading nook.

Extra Pillows

Add plenty of extra pillows to make the space comfortable and customizable. You can never have too many pillows to nestle into for reading. In the winter you can add a throw blanket or two but in the summer Pillows take center stage in a cozy reading nook. try to add a variety of sizes ranging from typical bed pillows to small lumbar throw pillows. If you can find a wedge pillow this makes a great addition to a reading nook.

Consider Lighting

To help protect your child’s eyes it is important that you provide your child reading nook with enough lighting to read comfortably without straining. While you can take advantage of the sunlight during the day you should consider a lamp to make reading easier on your child’s eyes after the sun goes down or on a day when the weather is not so great.

How to Build the Perfect Summertime Reading Nook

Book Storage

Keep a basket or a shelf near your book nook for your child to store books. This can be a great place to leave books you want your child to explore and to allow them to place their ebook down in a safe space while they do something else. Do you have multiple children? Consider a basket for each one to hold onto the books they are currently reading. If you are using shelves, keep these well stocked and consider rotating the books on the shelves to encourage your child to take a look at new ones often. You can also find these alternative book storage.

How to Build the Perfect Summertime Reading Nook


Keep a few extra bookmarks in the basket or on the shelf. Even some sticky notes stuck to the wall in your reading nook can do the job of holding your child’s page when they suddenly need a bookmark to work with.

Cooling Options

Reading is a great activity for a hot summer day when you just do not want to be outside. This can be a great time to snuggle up in front of a fan or near the air conditioner to cool off while enjoying a good book. If you want to encourage your child to read make sure they have a cool space to sit and read while they cool off from playing outside on hot summer days.

Make reading fun so that your children will enjoy spending time reading for pleasure versus it being something that they have to do. Building your child a fun reading nook is a great way to help encourage your child to spend time in their space to read a book or ebook. Don’t forget to utilize the library during the summer months instead of buying your child books or check out our post on how to get free or cheap books.

How to Build the Perfect Summertime Reading Nook

Do you have a reading nook in your home for your child?

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  1. These are all such great ideas. One of the biggest ways to make reading more fun for the kids is to make a space that gets them excited about reading.

  2. These are all great ideas. Anything that can encourage kids to spend more time reading is just wonderful and will pay them dividends later in life.


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