How to Cut Paper with Round Tip Safety Scissors

Are you wanting to teach your child how to cut paper with round-tip safety scissors? This is a skill that kids must be able to do prior to going to kindergarten. It is an important skill for them to learn in preschool.

Cutting paper with round-tip safety scissors is easy and safe. Here are the steps to follow:

teaching kids how to cut with round tip safety scissors

Hold the Scissors Correctly

Place your thumb in the larger loop of the scissors, and your index and middle fingers in the smaller loop. Make sure the scissors are comfortable in your hand and that your fingers are not too close to the blades.

Position the Paper

Place the paper you want to cut on a flat surface and hold it down with your non-dominant hand. Make sure the paper is flat and doesn’t move around while you cut.

Open the Scissors

With your dominant hand, gently squeeze the scissors to open the blades.

Position the Scissors

Align the blades of the scissors with the line you want to cut. Keep the paper firmly in place with your non-dominant hand.

how to teach kids to cut with scissors

Close the Scissors

Gently squeeze the blades together with your dominant hand to make the cut. Move the scissors along the line you want to cut, keeping the blades parallel to the paper.

Release the Scissors

Once you have finished cutting, release the pressure on the scissors and remove them from the paper.

Check your Cut

Look at the cut to make sure it is straight and clean. If it’s not, you can always trim it a bit more.


Practice makes it easier for your child to learn how to cut paper with round tip safety scissors. You want them to be able to cut along the lines before kindergarten. So the more they practice the better they will be.

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Remember to always use caution when using scissors, and never run with them or point them at anyone. Also, teach them to always cut away from their body and to be careful not to cut themselves or others.

How to Cut Paper with Round Tip Safety Scissors

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  1. I’ve found it’s super helpful to get hand-over-hand scissors too, when you’re teaching little ones. That way you can quickly take over if they start cutting off course 😉

  2. I just purchased a pair of Round Tip Safety Scissors for my granddaughter and we both like them. I don’t worry about her cutting anything due to the safety of those scissors…they are great!

  3. I used to help little ones at our local school and when the day came to teach them to cut paper, I cringed just a bit. Most pick it up really quickly but the left-handers had to learn a different way. But they figured it out and it was always a joyous day when all the kiddos were cutting with those scissors!

  4. I teach high school and I still only have the round tip scissors in the room for when we’re doing a project. They work great and are safe.

  5. Your tutorial on how to cut paper with round tip safety scissors is incredibly helpful and informative! The step-by-step instructions you provide ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, particularly for young learners or those new to using scissors. The inclusion of safety tips and precautions is commendable, promoting a secure environment while fostering creativity. Thank you for sharing this valuable guide that encourages artistic exploration while prioritizing safety.

  6. This is a really nice and perfect tutorial for kids on how to use scissors! Thanks for sharing this with us


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