How to Host a Beyblade Tournament at Home

Does your little one love Beyblades? Every afternoon when I pick up my son from school, he always tells me that his friends are going to come over so that they can have a Beyblade tournament. Of course, my son and his classmates planned this Beyblade tournament during recess and none of the parents are aware of it. Haha!

Thankfully, none of his friends have shown up at our house unannounced. We have tried to explain to my son that he needs to coordinate planning this Beyblade tournament with us so that we can formally invite his friends over. So without further ado, how to host a Beyblade tournament at home.

Pick a Date/Time

Just like with any party or event, you need to pick a date and time that would work best for hosting a Beyblade tournament. We suggest planning it on the weekend so that the kids have plenty of time to play without being rushed. Or turn it into a Beyblade tournament slumber party!

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Invite Friends

Invite several of your child’s friends to come over for a Beyblade tournament. It is important that friends are at least 6 years old to play. Also, you will want to make sure that you invite an even number of friends. Odd numbers can work if someone can’t come over at the last minute. An odd number just means that someone will have to be a spectator during each battle.

Do ask for RSVP’s so that you know how many kids are planning on coming. As the RSVP’s are coming in, you may have to invite one or more friends in the event someone isn’t going to make it.

Serve Kid-Friendly Snacks

You can’t host a Beyblade tournament without serving the kid’s something to snack on. You can even find Beyblade food ideas on Pinterest too. But I am sure the kids will be just as happy with popcorn, fruit, chips, etc. Don’t forget to juice or kid-friendly drinks too.

Equipment Needed

Hasbro, the maker of Beyblades, want you to host tournaments in your home. The company has even come up several printables to use during your Beyblade tournament:

Depending on how many kids you invite to the Beyblade tournament, you will need a BEYBLADE BURST BEYSTADIUM™ for each pair of players, a 3,2,1 Let it rip – ripper for each player and their favorite Beys.

hosting a bayblade tournament

Set the Rules

Hasbro how to play guide gives you a complete break down of the rules and how to score the points. Even though there is a World Beyblade Organization, most kids play using the rules that Hasbro has outlined in their play guide.

The first player to score 3 points first wins the bracket and moves on to the next opponent. It is best to have a referee close by to monitor the tournament and to help keep the Beyblade tournament moving.

How to Score Points in a Beyblade Tournament

RING OUT FINISH: knock your opponent’s Beyblade Burst™ top out of the ring or into one of the pockets in the BEYBLADE BURST BEYSTADIUM™. A ring out finish is worth 1 point.

SURVIVOR FINISH: if your opponent’s Beyblade Burst™ stops spinning before yours then collect 1 point.

BURST FINISH: bursting your opponent’s Beyblade Burst™ before your bey stops spinning or ends up in a ring out finish. A burst finish is worth two points. Burst rates vary depending on the beys used in a battle.

My son loves to play with his Beyblades but he has always wanted to have some friends for a Beyblade tournament. He got super excited when I started talking to him about his Beyblades and brainstorm some ideas on how to host a Beyblade tournament at home. Have fun and enjoy hosting a Bayblade tournament at home with friends.


Have you ever hosted a Beyblade tournament at home?


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