How to Prevent Maskne

What is maskne? How do you prevent maskne? Maskne is the new form of acne that has popped up since people had to start wearing masks due to COVID-19. Even if you have never had major acne problems before now, you could be a victim of this form of acne that is caused by wearing a mask. What can you do to help reduce the signs and symptoms of maskne.

Buy More Than One Mask

Flu season is just around the corner and with COVID-19 still floating around, health experts are afraid of what is going to happen during the fall and winter months. The best thing that you can do to prevent maskne is to purchase more than one reusable mask to wear throughout the week. Also, make sure that the masks fit your face properly. You don’t want your mask to be too loose or too tight.

Choose a mask that is made out of natural fibers. A cotton or polyester blend materials tend to be less irritating. Some companies who are manufacturing masks are spraying formaldehyde on the masks prior to shipping. Formaldehyde is an irritant and could cause an allergic reaction. Always wash a reusable mask prior to washing it for the first time.

What is Maskne

Wash Your Mask Frequently

Wearing a mask tends to make you sweat more. When you sweat, you create the perfect environment for sweat pimples and acne flare-ups. Sweating, the heat trapped in your mask, and add friction along the edge of the mask can cause clogged pores. While masked up, excessive sweat stays on your skin and can trigger bacteria to grow.

Bacteria loves to lurk in dark, moist areas and your mask fits that requirement. Washing your mask is the best way to eliminate bacteria trapped inside the material of the mask. If you notice that you are breaking out more than normal, try washing your masks using unscented laundry soap and fabric softeners.

Avoid or Wear Light Make-Up

Adding make-up underneath your mask can result in clogged pores. The friction along the edge of your mask and sweat can cause you to have acne problems when you normally wouldn’t. If you have to wear a mask for 8 to 10 hours a day, it would be wise to avoid or wear light make-up.

Men Cover Your Beard Completely

Facial hair should be covered completely by your mask. Men who work in the medical field are required to wear an N-95 mask during surgical procedures, often have to trim their beard, or shave it off completely so that hair doesn’t touch the mask at all. Shaving can cause additional irritation and ingrown hairs which can cause infected hair follicles.

Acne Caused by Wearing a Mask

Take a Break

Make time to step outside and take a mask break. Being outside is a great way to soak up some sunshine and enjoy a few moments of fresh air.

Wash Your Face Daily

Most dermatologists recommend washing your face at least twice a day with a mild cleanser that is made for acne-prone skin. You can also use a cleanser that has an exfoliate to help slough away dead skin cells too. Dead skin cells can cause clogged pores leading to maskme. It is important to make sure that your cleanser doesn’t strip away natural oils. When you strip away your natural oils, your body will increase oil production. Excessive oil can lead to more breakouts.

Use a Toner or Astringent

Toner or astringent can help remove excess oil that can be left on your face even after washing. It also helps restore the pH of your skin and shrink your pores. Pick a hydrating toner if you have naturally dry skin.

Skipping toner won’t hurt you but if you notice that your skin gets too dry, try adding a light moisturizer afterward unless you are using acne medications to clear up blemishes. Then apply the moisturizer on top of your acne treatment.

Acne and Mask Connection

Use Acne Medication And Salicyclic Acid Spray on Your Mask

Salicylic acid works great on clearing up whiteheads, blackheads, and mild acne.

Benzoyl-peroxide works better for mild to moderate acne.

Find the right acne treatment to use overnight to treat your acne breakouts. Allow the acne medication to dry completely before using your mask if you apply it twice a day to clear up or prevent acne flare-ups.

Also, pick up a salicylic acid body spray so that you can treat your mask before you wear it. Salicylic acid shouldn’t ruin the material, unlike benzoyl-peroxide. Dr Pimple Popper shared this tip on TikTok a few days ago. She said to simply spray the salicylic acid spray onto your mask and allow it to fully dry before wearing your mask.

Treating Maskme

Avoid Popping Your Pimples

I’ve had acne most of my adult life and noticed that it has gotten worse when I have had to wear my mask for longer periods of time. Even though it is tempting to pop your pimples, it is better if you leave them alone. Popping the pimples even those caused by maskme, can cause the bacteria to spread and complicate your acne blemishes.

Large pimples should be treated by a dermatologist. A dermatologist has the proper tools to properly drain a problem zit or it can be treated with a local cortisone injection. Don’t tackle painful acne on your own.

Ice is a great way to stop a pimple from throbbing and help reduce inflammation. Simply apply ice to your problem zit for 20 to 30 seconds several times a day.

Sanitize Your Phone

Scientists at the University of Arizona conducted a study and found that cell phones carry 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats. That is crazy but it makes sense. Our phones go with us everywhere we go, even to the bathroom. Not only will sanitizing your phone help reduce acne it will also help kill any germs, including COVID-19 from lurking on your phone. Don’t forget to sanitize your phone, keyboard, and mouse at work too. Alcohol swabs are perfect for sanitizing your phone.

People have been wearing masks since the end of April to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Wearing a mask can cause you to sweat more and it adds friction to the delicate skin that surrounds your mouth, nose, and chin. People who haven’t suffered from acne flare-ups in years all of a sudden are breaking out like a teenager in puberty. Since masks will be a part of the foreseeable future, we wanted to share some ways to help prevent maskme.

How to Prevent Maskne

Are you suffering from Maskme?

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