5 Natural Ways to Relieve Constipation During Pregnancy


From the moment that you conceive your body kicks into overdrive increase the pregnancy hormone progesterone. Progesterone plays an important role during the first trimester to keep the uterus relaxed and helps prevent your immune system from attacking the foreign DNA (your growing fetus). The hormone also relaxes other smooth muscles, including your digestive system. … Read more

Top Kid-Friendly Easter Bunny Butt Desserts

Easter Bunny Butt Ice Cream Cones

Are you looking for a kid-friendly Easter treat to make this year? The bunny butt recipes are super adorable and we think your kids would love them too. We think you would love these kid-friendly Easter Bunny Butt Desserts too. Top 12 Easter Bunny Butt Desserts I’m super impressed with the creativity that some of … Read more

Our Spring Break Movie Bucketlist

Our Spring Break Movie Bucketlist

Going to the movies is a special treat in our home. Our local movie theatre offers a reduced price during the week; however, since we still have school-aged children it makes it hard to go. Plus, we always enjoy hosting a family movie night at home. We always let the kids pick out the movie … Read more