5 Ways to Provide Shade to Your Patio/Porch

Now that the heat of summer is upon us, you may be failing to take advantage of your sitting area outside. Honestly though, who wants to be baked alive while trying to enjoy the outdoors? How do you see yourself providing shade to your porch?

One way to get some relief from the hot sun is to get some shade over your sitting area. There are ways to add to the beauty of your home and yard and get the desperately needed shade at the same time.

Enclosed Porch 

This is probably the simplest if you have a porch. An enclosed porch involves exactly what it sounds like, enclosing your porch. This is the easiest way to provide shade for your porch.

How to Provide Shade to Your Patio/Porch

Some people go all out and build walls just like the walls on their home. Others use a lot of screens to make sure they can see outside and still get a nice breeze. I would recommend that so it still feels like the outdoors, just without the unrelenting rays of the sun beating down on you. 


Many people have pavilion-like structures in their yards. Some people build a full-on wooden structure on concrete. Others use collapsible canvas pavilions.

Either way, the pavilion provides much-needed shade. It allows you to sit outside and enjoy the day under the safety of a roof. The canvas pavilions are really nice because they can be moved to meet your needs as well.


Where I come from if you have a table on your patio or porch, you also have an umbrella over it. 

Umbrellas are great because they can set up and taken down with ease. There is no hassle you just turn the handle and watch it open or close. It does provide great shade, however. It is a very easy and affordable way to keep cool and shaded. 


Pergolas are kind of funny looking if you don’t know what they are. They look like someone was building a pavilion and quit once they got the framework in place. 

Pergolas are actually really awesome because they look really nice. They have a more elegant feel about them but can be built fairly affordably. You can find attachments for the pergola that for a cover to the top so that you can sit underneath in the shade. Looks nice and keeps you out of the sun, win-win.  

Shade Your Patio Porch


Unless you have the capability to have grown trees brought into your yard, this will take some time. This is a great option though for several reasons.

If you are planning on staying in this house for a long time, you will get to plant the trees and see them grow to the point of providing you shade. If you bought the trees as trees rather than planting seeds, then this time will be expedited. 

If you do end up moving, work done in your yard will usually increase the value of your home. So you can have shade and make a little more money from the house. Trees are a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly method of providing shade to your sitting area. 

Shade is a must-have during the summer. If you like to spend time outside but don’t know how to avoid the sun take these suggestions and go for it! The summer awaits!

5 Ways to Provide Shade to Your Patio/Porch

Do you want to provide shade to your patio/porch? How did you shade your patio/porch?

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  1. You made a good point that pergolas have an elegant feel to them but can be built affordably. I’ve been wanting to add some shade to my outdoor living space to make it more enjoyable. Maybe I should get in touch with a pergola manufacturing company to get one made for my home.


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