Push Presents: Yay or Nay?

What in world are push presents? The idea of a push present isn’t a new idea. However, the term is fairly new. A push present is a gift that is given either before or after the birth of their child. It is a special present just for mom as a token of appreciation from their spouse or significant other.

As a mom, just having a healthy baby is the best gift that I could have ever received. When I was pregnant with my kids, I never expected to receive a gift for having a baby. Instead, I felt that it was a sacrifice that I gave up to receive the blessing of having a child.

But a push present is seen as a “gift” for going through pregnancy and pushing a baby out your vagina. Men feel that a push present represents their appreciation and gratitude for his wife. Push presents can come in a variety of presents from flowers, jewelry (aff link), a day at the spa, trip, or an expensive gift. Celebrities often receive lavish, expensive gifts such as diamonds costing several thousand dollars to expensive cars, like Porsche, Range Rovers, Ferrari, Jaguars.

Push Presents: Yay or Nay?

Yummy Mummies

After watching Yummy Mummies on Netflix, it got me thinking about push presents. Do women expect them? Women typically feel that push presents aren’t expected but they are appreciated if they are lucky enough to receive them. Yummy Mummies is an Australian reality television show that premiered in July of 2017. The Yummy Mummies follow wealthy expectant moms who are trying to outdo each other as they are busy prepping for delivery.

What is a Yummy Mummy?

What is a Yummy Mummy? A Yummy Mummy according to Wikipedia, is a slang term used to describe young, attractive and wealthy mothers with rich, high powered husbands. These ladies can make motherhood look depressing when in reality, these ladies can afford to pay for nannies to help do a majority of the work when it comes to raising their child. This gives them the ability to focus on quality time with their child and not worry about things most moms have to deal with like raising their own family, money struggles, self-confidence, and other problems young parents face.

Proper Etiquette for Push Presents

Ladies, if you do receive a push present from your husband or significant other, we suggest that you follow proper etiquette for receiving push presents.

Don’t Brag

Do you run to your friends and tell them everything you received for every holiday? Chances are you don’t talk about the gifts you receive for Valentine’s day, Christmas, or even on your birthday. I get it that you are excited to share your push present with the entire world.

I feel that it is tacky to brag about receiving a gift for giving birth as they did in Yummy Mummies. They each got lavish gifts from their husbands or significant other. I get it was more than likely staged for the show.

Personally, I feel that push presents are an intimate gift between you and your husband, even if he only brings you flowers or a small token. Bragging about it on social media or to friends can make him feel inadequate or that your friend’s present was some sort of underlying competition.

Push Presents: Yay or Nay?

Never Expect to Receive A Push Present

A push present should be a spontaneous decision that your husband or significant other should make. I’ve always been taught that it is tacky to ask for a present even I feel like I deserve it. Yes, you may feel that you deserve it but a push present is more a token of appreciation rather than a gift. So unless your husband asks for suggestions, it is a topic that shouldn’t be brought up or discussed.

Stay on Budget

As a young family, disposable income (money left over at the end of the month after all the bills have been paid) may not allow your husband to purchase an expensive push present that he thinks you deserve.

Men, if you want to give your wife a token of your appreciation, go for it as long as it is in your budget. Just don’t buy a gift that isn’t in your budget. Your wife will appreciate getting a push present, whether it is a dozen red roses or a date night out without the baby.

While push presents aren’t a new trend, men have been giving their wives small gifts or a token of appreciation after the birth of their child. The term push present is a rather tacky way of calling it and should likely be changed. Ladies have been given birth for decades and push presents are the new raging trend thanks to wealthy yummy mummies.

Push Presents: Yay or Nay?

Did you receive a push present after you had your baby?

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