Best Space-Saving Closet Solutions for Tiny Closets

Our family is moving from an apartment that has decent-sized closets to a home that probably won’t have ample closet space or extra storage. As we are busy packing up the apartment, I’m trying to purge as much as possible so that I am not stuck trying to figure out a place for all of our belongings. The closets in our new rental are smaller so we have to find the best space-saving closet solutions.

Down-sizing to a small closet isn’t always a bad thing if you get a bit creative and use space-saving tricks to make use of the existing closet space you have available. I’m a planner and as I am anticipating our upcoming move, I have already started researching and looking at space-saving closet and storage ideas for our new home. Space-saving storage closet storage solutions can be utilized even if you have a huge closet too. Let’s take a look at the options I’ve found to help us cope with tiny closets and lack of storage space.

Use An Over the Door Shoe Organizer

Ladies, if you have a ton of shoes, this one is for you. An abundance of shoes can cause havoc and take up valuable floor space in your closet. Turn your unused closet door into usable space with an over the door shoe holder. You can find over the door shoe holders that hold up to 36 pairs of shoes. I’m probably one of the odd ladies, my shoe collection is very small so I will only need one that holds 10 pair of shoes. Any empty slots can be used to store belts, scarves, and other accessories.

Best Space-Saving Closet Solutions for Tiny Closets

Space-Saving Hangers Can Increase Your Closet Space Significantly

Do you have a closet full of clothes that you wear on a regular basis? A small closet it can make it challenging to keep your entire wardrobe but utilizing space-saving hangers allows you to multiply your closet space.

Whether you pick up the new higher hangers, vertical hangers or a cheap chain, use a soda can tab to add another hanger to a hanger, clothes pin pants with it’s matching top, or use slim hangers to hang your clothes on. Each one of these ideas will allow you to double or even triple that amount of clothing that you can hang up in a small closet.

Install a Vertical Shelving Unit

Do you need additional space to store jeans, t-shirts, or another item? Try installing a vertical shelving unit in a corner that you aren’t utilizing. If you don’t have a corner to use, you could even install it horizontally on an open wall or set it on the floor, check out this 6 shelf bookcase or a 5 shelf narrow bookcase. Then use the shelves to place neatly folded jeans, t-shirts, or accessories.

Storage Boxes Are Your Best Friend

Are you utilizing the top shelf of your closet? My grandmother was a pro at utilizing the top shelf in her closet. She would use old shoe boxes covered in shelf paper or use the plastic storage boxes to items that she didn’t use on a regular basis. For example, you can store your bulky winter sweaters or even Christmas decorations on the top shelf.

Just make sure that your shelving is sturdy before adding heavy items on the top shelf. Storage boxes make it easy to stack things vertically so that you can use any empty space in the top of your closet.

Alternative Ways to Store Bulky Items

When your home lacks a linen closet, you have to get creative and store bulky items such as blankets, sheets, and towels. Our apartment doesn’t have a linen closet and I don’t anticipate our new home having that luxury either. Right now, I am using space saving bags to store blankets and sheets. The space-saving bags are easy to use and shrink the size of your bulky items to make storing these items easier. Simply vacuum the air out and slide it under your bed.

Best Space-Saving Closet Solutions for Tiny Closets

Purchase a Tie Hanger

Whether you have a ton of ties, scarves, or tank tops, a tie hanger is a great way to store these non-bulky items easily. I recommend that you purchase a bathrobe hook and install it on an empty closet wall. Then hang the tie hanger on the robe hook so that you can easily see your ties, scarves, or tank tops.

Closet space is often a luxury item that many people put on their must-have list when purchasing a home. But if you are in my situation, making a move from an apartment that has ample closet space to a home that has limited closet space, finding a place to neatly store all of my belongings can get a bit tricky. Before making your move, you should purge unnecessary belongings as possible so that your new space doesn’t appear cluttered from the get-go.

I’ve been planning my move since the end of March and finally found a place. As a planner, I’m already worried about finding room to store board games, Christmas decorations, and having room for my kid’s toys. I knew that I needed to find some space-saving closet solutions to use every bit of space to my advantage.

Best Space-Saving Closet Solutions for Tiny Closets

Have you ever lived in a home with a tiny closest? What space-saving closet solutions did you use for your tiny closet?

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  1. I have to try and use some of this advice for the closet space in my bathrooms. It would be nice to get the most out of it!

  2. I always dread having a small closet as I use it to store more than just clothes. I love your tips to utilize this space better. I love that there are so many solutions out there now to help with our space saving solution needs for tiny closets.

  3. These are great ideas. We just completely redid my youngest daughters room and she now has a closet, but it’s smaller. I would love to do organizers or build shelves for her closet.

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more. I lived in a tiny space and storage boxes were my best friend for out of season clothes. I did not know about space saving hangers when I lived there. But now, I do 🙂

  5. All the tips are going to make a difference. Sometimes it’s difficult to have an organized closet. Thanks to this, now I know what else to do.


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