The Best Episodes of Bluey for Children and Parents

You can only stomach so much of your child’s favorite show before it gets on your last nerve. The best strategy to circumvent this problem is to find a show that both kids and parents enjoy.

Bluey is that show.

Let us highlight the best episodes of Bluey for children and parents before you’ve reached your wit’s end.

The Best Episodes of Bluey for Children and Parents

“Fairytale,” S3.E26

“Fairytale” shows kids that their parents had a life before them and that everyone’s happy story begins somewhere.

The kids want a fairytale read to them that they haven’t heard before, so Bandit returns to his childhood days in the 80s. Bandit details his shenanigans with his brothers, Radley and Stripe. But more importantly, he details the day he first met his future wife.

Fast forward to the present, and Bandit and Chilli continue to prove that every day is a fairytale when you’re a Heeler.

“Baby Race,” S2.E50

This episode hits home for mothers, especially if you’re an expecting or new mom. Often, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you failed as a mom if your child isn’t doing something yet when others are. Chilli thinks this because Wendy’s child was crawling and walking before Bluey.

Feeling as if she’s failing Bluey, Chilli goes outside to cry, and Wendy decides to follow her, reassuring Chilli that she’s a great mom. Little did Chilli know Wendy had eight kids, so she had plenty of practice.

Best Episodes of Bluey for Children and Parents

“Rain” S3.E18

Even with no dialogue, a folksy instrumental, and only a seven-minute runtime, this episode tells a beautiful story about motherhood and the joyful exuberance of being a kid.

Chilli decides to capitalize on the stormy weather to mop the floors, whereas Bluey has other ideas. Bluey builds a dam with anything she can find to prevent the rain from flowing onto the street. While that’s innocent enough, Bluey doesn’t realize she’s dragging mud into the house.

Chilli, obviously frustrated, gives up on the household chore and decides to help Bluey complete the dam instead of being upset with her. As they complete the dam, the rain stops, a double rainbow appears, and the duo head back into the house. That is until the rain appears again, causing them to dart outside to put the dam back up.

“Sleepytime,” S2.E26

“Sleepytime” is one of the best episodes of Bluey, and it’s one of the best television episodes ever.

The story starts with Chilli reading Bingo a bedtime story about the solar system as Bingo wonders what life will be like as a big girl. Just before Bingo falls asleep, she realizes she’s missing her favorite stuffed rabbit, Fluffy. Bingo cannot imagine sleeping without it, showing how important comfort objects can be for kids.

Bingo begins to dream about soaring into space with Fluffy by her side. Throughout her journey to the sun, Bingo makes a stop by Jupiter—a sleeping Bandit—to run the rings of the solar system, only to show its Bandit’s stomach that she’s kicking.

Bingo does reach the sun. But the sun symbolizes what Chilli means to her, stating she will always be there for her even if she’s not around.

End scene. Sobbing ensues.

The best episodes of Bluey for children and parents hopefully motivate you to put a smile on your child’s face in any way you can.

The Best Episodes of Bluey for Children and Parents

What are some other of the best episodes of Bluey for children and parents?

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  1. I always hear about this show but have never watched it. My kids are older so I’m not sure if I ever will, but I always hear it’s great.

  2. I have actually thought about watching Bluey myself even though my kids much older. My nieces and nephews watch it and I’ve seen videos of adults crying over episodes.

  3. I don’t feel like I can stand most of modern kids cartoons, but blue is actually the exception and I wish more cartoons were like it.

  4. As a mom who’s danced the fine line between joy and despair with my kiddo’s shows, your recommendations are a lifesaver! “Fairytale” had me in nostalgic tears – who knew Bandit had such a rad past?

  5. Thanks for this summary of episodes that are best episodes of Bluey. I will share this to the children at home so they can hit this on. I am really convince that they will like this.

  6. I will have to check out these episodes with my God Daughter 😉 She will for sure enjoy them and I love that you guys did too! I do enjoy watching some of her shows with her…. and Bluey sounds perfect!

  7. I have not watched this show, guessing it came after my own kids became older.. but I recall all of us enjoying shows like Arthur, Caillou, Curious George together (though there was only so much of Teletubbies I could handle!!)


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