How to Handle an Unplanned Pregnancy

Pregnancy is generally an exciting time but for some expectant mothers it is a complete surprise. An unintended pregnancy doesn’t necessarily mean that the baby isn’t wanted. It just means that the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy isn’t the right time. After the shock wears off, most expecting mothers tend to get excited and imagine her new life with a baby. But there are still some unpleasant conversations that may have to occur, especially if they are worried about being judged or that the father might not be ready to be a dad.

If you haven’t already taken a pregnancy test, you should do so now to determine if you are expecting after a missed period. Missing a period is typically a sign that you are pregnant; however, that isn’t always the case. A test will ease your suspicions and you can call to schedule your first appointment with your PCP or OB/GYN.

Talk to a Trusted Friend or Family Member

Find a trusted friend or family member that you can confide in and share your pregnancy with them. Pregnancy is an emotional period of time due to hormone and changes that the body goes through to grow a baby. You need to surround yourself with a people who are accepting and supportive of your decision to keep the baby. The last thing you need to deal with is condescending and judgemental people who urge you to do something against your will.

Seek Help From a Pregnancy Clinic That Supports Your Decision

An unplanned pregnancy can put a damper on your financial situation but don’t let that keep you from having your baby if that is your desire. There are free clinics and help available that will support your decision to keep the baby or even put it up for adoption if you desire.

Many of these clinics can help find resources available to help you find low-cost prenatal care, sonograms, vitamins, maternity clothing, food, housing, and support. Also, they can help you apply for state health insurance if you don’t have health insurance.

Be Prepared For Crazy Comments

After the initial shock wears off, you need to prepare yourself to handle the various reactions from your friends, family, and even strangers. Most people think an unwanted pregnancy means that the baby is unwanted but that is rarely the case. Just keep in mind that you are already pregnant and can’t change what happened. Being prepared to answer personal questions about your pregnancy, both positive and negative, will help you be able to respond so that you can make the best out of the shock of an unplanned pregnancy.

Never Feel Like Your Alone

Over half of pregnancies in the United States is an unplanned pregnancy for whatever reason. You aren’t the first person who got pregnant unexpectedly and you won’t be the last. It is normal to be scared, worried, and how you will manage to have a baby in several months. But there is no reason to feel alone or struggle with constant fear. Talk to your health care provider if you are experience symptoms of depression, anxiety, guilt, or extreme sadness.

Inform the Baby’s Father

Depending on your relationship with the baby’s father, you may be able to announce your pregnancy to him easily. An already strained relationship with the baby’s father, may cause anxiety but it is necessary to be honest with him. Do take a friend or family memeber with you if it makes talking to him easier. Hopefully, he will be excited to be a dad and won’t pressure you to have an abortion.

Take Care of Yourself

Your body is going through a bunch of changes on a daily basis. Don’t be surprised if you are tired during the first trimester. If you haven’t already seen an OB/GYN, you should schedule your first appointment as soon as possible. Also, start eating small healthy meals throughout the day if you are feeling nauseous. Get plenty of sleep and limit stress as much as possible.

Pregnancy should be an exciting time but an unplanned pregnancy can cause mixed emotions. An unplanned pregnancy, simply means that you felt the circumstances weren’t ideal for having a baby right now or that you wanted one later down the road. However, an unplanned pregnancy can be a joyous occasion too.

Did you have an unplanned pregnancy? How did you handle your unplanned pregnancy?

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