Ways to Keep Kids Occupied in a Hotel Room

Are you looking for some ways to keep kids occupied in a hotel room? Keeping kids occupied in a hotel room can be challenging, especially when you’re traveling and need some time to rest or handle other tasks. Here are some creative ways to keep kids entertained and engaged during your hotel stay:

How to Keep Kids Occupied in a Hotel Room

Pack Games and Puzzles

Bring along board games, card games, and puzzles that are age-appropriate. They can be great for engaging children and encouraging family interaction.

Bring Arts and Crafts Supplies

Pack some coloring books, crayons, markers, colored pencils, or a small craft kit. Kids can enjoy expressing their creativity while sitting at a table or on the floor.

Card Games

A deck of cards can lead to a variety of games like Go Fish, Crazy Eights, or even simple magic tricks.

Use Technology Wisely

While screen time should be limited, tablets or smartphones can be useful for entertainment. Download educational apps, movies, or shows that are suitable for their age.

Movie or TV Show Streaming

Bring a tablet or a laptop and let them watch their favorite movies or TV shows during downtime.

Create a Travel Journal

Encourage kids to document their travel experiences by creating a travel journal. Provide them with a notebook and some art supplies to draw and write about their adventures.

Read Books Together

Pack a selection of their favorite books or take a trip to a nearby bookstore to pick out new ones. Reading together can be a calming and educational activity.

Build a Fort

Use the furniture and bedding in the hotel room to create a makeshift fort. Kids can enjoy building and playing inside their own little hideaway.

Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt in the hotel room by hiding small items and giving them clues to find each one. It adds an element of excitement and keeps them engaged. Do set ground rules such as no running, knocking on doors, etc.

Play “I Spy” or Other Verbal Games

Also, you can encourage your kids to look around the room and play games like “I Spy” or “20 Questions.” These games promote observation skills and imagination.

What are some Ways to Keep Kids Occupied in a Hotel Room

Balloon Games

Bring a few balloons and play games like keeping the balloon off the ground or seeing how long they can keep it in the air.


Create imaginative stories together, either taking turns to add parts or building on a story collaboratively.

Virtual Tours or Educational Apps

If you have access to a tablet or smartphone, consider virtual tours of museums, zoos, or educational apps.

Bring Along Toys

Allow your kids to bring a few of their favorite small toys or action figures.

Exercise and Dance

Let your kids burn off energy by turning on some music and having a mini dance party or engaging in simple exercises like jumping jacks, stretching, or yoga poses.

Hotel Pool

If the hotel has a pool, take advantage of it. Swimming is a great way to burn off energy and have some fun.

Indoor Picnic or Tea Party

Have a little indoor picnic with snacks or a tea party with stuffed animals and toy tea sets. It can add a touch of fun to snack time.

Window Art

Bring washable window markers or window clings. Kids can create art on the hotel room windows, and it’s easy to clean up afterward.

Make-Believe Play

Encourage imaginative play by bringing dress-up clothes, dolls, or action figures. Kids can create their own stories and scenarios.

Video Call with Friends or Family

If you have a stable internet connection, you can allow your kids to video call friends or family members they miss. It can be a great way to stay connected during your travels.

Indoor Bowling

Set up a simple bowling game using empty plastic water bottles and a soft ball.

Shadow Puppets

Use a flashlight to create shadow puppets on the wall. Kids can make up stories and put on their own mini puppet shows.

Let Them Help

Involve children in small tasks such as organizing their belongings, folding clothes, or setting up a mini snack station. They will feel responsible and engaged.

Contact the Hotel for Kid-Friendly Amenities

Inquire with the hotel about any kid-friendly amenities they may offer, such as a swimming pool, playground, or game room. Take advantage of these .facilities if available

Remember, supervision is crucial, and it’s essential to balance activities with relaxation time during your stay at a hotel.

Ways to Keep Kids Occupied in a Hotel Room

What are some other ways to keep kids occupied in a hotel room?

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  1. These are all great ideas to keep my kids occupied during our hotel stays. I wish I had read this a few weeks ago when we were traveling over the holidays, but I will certainly keep in mind for future adventures!

  2. These are great tips! I’ll never forget one of our trips to Cape Cod when the kids were little, and it poured for days straight. We went to the mall but otherwise we were stuck in our room. It was memorable for sure!

  3. That pool came in handy many times when we would travel when the kids were tiny. It got out lots of energy! I love all these ideas.

  4. Great ideas for keeping kids occupied in a hotel room! We used to travel a lot when the kids were younger & I know they loved big bathtubs. They could put on their swimsuits & get in it with some bubbles and play.

  5. Encouraging imaginative play, engaging in physical activities like dancing or indoor bowling, and taking advantage of any kid-friendly amenities the hotel offers can provide further entertainment options. It would also be good to remember to balance activities with relaxation time to ensure a well-rounded experience.

  6. This is a great idea about what are the ways to keep kids occupied in a hotel room, I’ll surely try this when I bond with children.

  7. Your post provides such a diverse range of activities that are both engaging and imaginative. I love that you included ideas that encourage creativity, like arts and crafts and creating a travel journal!


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