8 Things to Thank Your Parents For Teaching You

Have you ever said thank you to your parents for teaching you? Parents are superheroes. Sure, they might make a lot of mistakes, but they try so hard to make their kids happy and safe. While they teach and prepare them for a life outside of the nest.

8 Things to Thank Your Parents For Teaching You

Here’s a list of eight things to thank your parents for, if you haven’t already. 

Providing Safety

I grew up in a small town where everyone knew everyone, but that never stopped my dad from keeping the doors locked at night or when we were gone. My parents always wanted us to be safe, so when we were out with our friends we had to tell them where we would be and for how long. Sometimes it was annoying to tell my parents every single detail of my plans, but looking back, I’m thankful they wanted to know that I was being safe and acting responsibly. 


Being Strict

My parents, like most, were believers in chores and consequences. They were strict with me and my siblings when we didn’t do our homework, we fought, or we didn’t do what our parents asked us to (I’m sorry for not leaving the chicken out to thaw, mom, I understand now). When we misbehaved, we earned more chores and sometimes were grounded. While I was devastated at the time, it taught me to behave. 

Telling You How It Is

I can always count on my parents to be brutally honest. As a kid, my mom could tell me which of my friends weren’t really good friends and she could tell me that the outfit I was wearing was not as cute as I thought it was. I appreciated their honesty (most of the time) and it taught me to be honest. 


Giving You Space

Middle school, high school, and puberty were all tough embarrassing moments we all had to live through. If I could erase my memory of the entirety of middle school, I would. But luckily on my bad days during those tough times, my parents knew when to give me space, and when to be there for me. 

Making Appointments

Oh, how I miss the day when my bi-annual dentist appointment just scheduled itself. And by that, I mean my mom made it and I just was along for the ride. Making appointments, whether it’s to see a doctor, an optometrist, or a dentist, can be awkward, even if it’s to a friendly dental office like thevillagedentalcenter.com. I’m so thankful my parents made my appointments for the first 18 years of my life so I didn’t have to. 

Creating Experiences


My parents were committed to teaching us things outside a classroom. So we often took vacations during the summers that led us to national and historical sites. I love having memories of visiting the Statue of Liberty and the Liberty Bell. Even when we couldn’t afford a big vacation, my parents still worked to create memorable experiences for us at home. 

Financial Responsibility

My parents were very frugal, which rubbed off on me and taught me to not spend my money frivolously. As an adult, I appreciate my parents working to earn and save money while teaching us the same lessons. 

Spending Hours on the Phone 

Now that I’m grown, moved out of the house, and in a different state, I don’t get to see my parents as often as I’d like. Luckily, we have phones to keep us connected. I easily spend two hours a week on the phone with my mom and can do the same with my dad, especially when I’m having car trouble.  

Parents are not always seen as a superhero to a child. It isn’t until adulthood or after having our own children, that we understand why our parents did the things they did to keep us on track. As a parent, I hope that I have been able to share with my kid’s things that they will be thankful for later in life too.

8 Things to Thank Your Parents For Teaching You

What are you thankful that your parents did for you growing up? Have you said thank you to your parents?

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