Halloween Safety: Skip Fashion Contacts Without a Prescription

safe halloween fashion contacts

Are you considering wearing fashion contacts as a part of your Halloween costume? Most people wouldn’t think twice about going to the store and purchasing a pair of fashion contacts. But even though it seems like a cool idea, we want to inform you about the dangers of purchasing fashion contacts. Fashion contacts are often … Read more

7 Sports and Exercises for those with Arthritic Knees

7 Sports and Exercises for those with Arthritic Knees

Arthritic knees have less cartilage lining than normal which can lead to a swollen knee cap and a narrow space for your joints. These problems can cause stiffness and pain, limiting your activity. For those accustomed to high-impact sports or exercises, this can seem devastating. How will you achieve physical fulfillment if you can’t do … Read more

4 Types of Speech Impediments

types of speech impediment

It is not uncommon for children, and adults, to struggle with speech impediments. Speech impediments cause issues like a lisp or stuttering. There are many different causes of speech impediments. Speech impediments can be caused by physical issues within the mouth, or they can be caused by neurological disorders. How is Speech Produced? In order … Read more