4 Common Injuries That Could Happen to Your Dog

As a kid, I always thought of dogs as invincible. Even many of the dogs that aren’t overly aggressive are still as tough as nails. A lot of dogs exude toughness and confidence, and it is so cool if you own a dog like that! What do you think are the common injuries that could happen to your dog?

The problem is that dogs are not invincible. I think many people assume that their dog is tough or smart enough to avoid injury. In many cases that is correct, dogs are incredibly good at protecting themselves. They are not impervious to injury, however, and it is important that all dog owners be aware of risks that are posed to their dogs.

4 Common Injuries That Could Happen to Your Dog


Injuries to paws are not at all uncommon. Dogs have a soft pad on the bottom of their paw. It usually does a pretty good job of protecting the foot, but sharp or abrasive objects can puncture or cut the pad of the paw. 

Is there a more classic injury is a story of a dog with a thorn in its paw? It is cliche, but very accurate. Pet owners need to be very aware of potential risk factors to the paws of their dog. It could be anything from sharp objects to extremely hot weather causing pavement, rocks, and other objects to heat up and burn your dog’s feet.


This is, unfortunately, a more common injury than most people realize. A dog’s torn ACL is extremely painful just like it is for humans. If untreated, the injury will worsen or at the very least make your dog’s life a lot less happy.

ACL injuries in dogs could occur from traumatic injuries like being struck by a car, or just from a bad fall or wrong movement, just like in humans. There are a couple of different treatment types for dogs who need ACL operations. It varies on the size and breed of your dog. 


A number of different bites can be included here. A bite could be as simple as a spider bite or more complex, like a snake bite. Just like humans, some of these bites need to be looked at to ensure that no harm will come as a result of the venom.

4 Common Injuries That Could Happen to Your Dog

More serious bites could occur from a wild animal or another loose dog. It is important to protect your dog by providing it safe shelter and keeping it on a leash while walking. Most dogs will fiercely protect their owner, putting themselves in harm’s way. Be watchful and wise as you set up living arrangements and exercise routines; do everything you can to make sure that no preventable injury will occur. 


Dogs love to chew on things, and it is good for them to do so. It allows them to sharpen their teeth and many toys and snacks are designed to allow dogs to gnaw on them. 

While it has benefits, chewing comes with risks. A dog can chip or break its teeth if the object they are chewing on is too hard. Other objects can break in their mouth leading to the possibility of splinters getting stuck in the dog’s mouth, which could lead to infection. 

Always make sure the dog’s food and chewing toys are FDA-approved. While providing them FDA-approved toys, just keep in mind that it will not prevent injury. But it will greatly reduce the chance of these types of injury from occurring. 

Don’t forget about dental disease in dogs too.

We love our dogs. They are loving, loyal, and fun. Dogs are resilient and tough, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need to be carefully protected and cared for. Do everything you can to ensure that your dog avoids injury and leads a happy life because if anyone deserves it, they do.

4 Common Injuries That Could Happen to Your Dog

Dogs aren’t invincible and can have accidents just like our children. Have you ever heard of these common injuries that could happen to your dog?

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