4 Day Trips From El Paso, TX

El Paso is an absolutely fantastic city to live in, and if you ever buy and move into one of the El Paso houses for sale, then you surely won’t be disappointed. Although the city has plenty of sights, attractions, and amenities, one of the biggest positives about El Paso is its extremely unique location. El Paso is located in the southwest portion of Texas, placing it directly on the borders of Mexico and New Mexico. Due to its location, El Paso is perfect for quick day trips that can bring you to fun and unique locations.

4 Day Trips From El Paso, TX

So what are the best spots to visit for an El Paso resident? Here are four day trips from El Paso that you absolutely have to take. 


One of the more interesting day trips you can take from El Paso is a trip into Mexico. As mentioned before, El Paso is right on the Texas-Mexico border, meaning that a trip into the neighboring country is a very short one. However, things can be drastically different on the Mexican side of the border, even though the distance between the two locations isn’t that great.

On the Mexican side of the border, you may be exposed to new cultures, food, and music, something that can make your day trip extremely unique. It’s very rare that people can take a day trip to an entirely new country, so cherish this opportunity. Just be sure that you have all of your travel and identification documents ready to go, and your day trip to Mexico should be a special one. 

Best Day Trips From El Paso TX

Franklin Mountains

If you’re not looking to go far for your day trip from El Paso, then the Franklin Mountains are probably your best option. The Franklin Mountains literally go right through the middle of the city, meaning you don’t have to take that far of a trip to reach them. Due to this, you’re never far away from escaping the bustling life of the city and retreating into nature. The Franklin Mountains can be great for hiking or just simply relaxing in a more natural environment. If you want a quick yet effective day trip from El Paso, then the Franklin Mountains are a solid option.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

National parks are always great options to visit, especially when they are only a day’s drive away from your location. Located east of El Paso, Guadalupe Mountains National Park is an absolutely breathtaking scene that not many people are familiar with. The park is home to one of the highest peaks in the entire state of Texas, which alone makes the area an awesome sight to behold. However, the national park is also home to several great amenities like hiking trails and campgrounds. To top it all off, visitor passes are extremely cheap, and children under sixteen get in free. When it comes to El Paso day trips, you can’t go wrong with visiting this natural beauty. 

Best El Paso TX Day trips

White Sands National Park

Another fantastic day trip that you can take from El Paso is to White Sands National Park. White Sands National Park is located in New Mexico, just a short day trip away from El Paso. The park has some absolutely breathtaking views, as it is filled with rolling white gypsum sand dunes. In fact, the dunes spread for miles, making the park the world’s largest deposit of gypsum sand. There are plenty of trails throughout the park that allow you to traverse through its various areas and take in all of its beauty. If you want to visit a beautifully unique location, then you definitely should consider taking the short trip to White Sands National Park.

El Paso is a unique location in the southwest portion of the city. It sits on the border of Mexico and there are tons of opportunities available for your family. Living in El Paso, even has several fun day trips, within driving distance so that you don’t have to find overnight accommodations unless you want too.

4 Day Trips from El Paso TX

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