Father’s Day Necktie Color by Pattern

Happy Father’s Day! I hope Dad had a relaxing day and felt special this year. If you don’t have anything for dad yet, these last-minute Father’s Day Necktie Color by Pattern Printables. Color the ties and give them to dad this year.

Does dad wear a tie? Ties are a great gift idea. The great thing about ties, they come in a wide variety of patterns and colors to choose from. Once you color these ties, you can add a hole punch and cut a piece of yarn long enough to tie around dad’s neck.

Father’s Day Necktie Color by Pattern

Use the pattern chart to color each tie. Let dad try on each tie. Get him to tell you which one is his favorite.

Tie 1 Coloring Sheet

Tie 2 Coloring Sheet

Tie 3 Coloring Sheet

Tie 4 Coloring Sheet

Tie 5 Coloring Sheet

Tie 6 Coloring Sheet

Tie 7 Coloring Sheet

Tie 8 Coloring Sheet

Tie 9 Coloring Sheet

Tie 10 Coloring Sheet

Tie 11 Coloring Sheet

Tie Color Pattern Key

Download The Packet of Father’s Day Necktie Color by Pattern Here

Dad will enjoy these fun neckties. Color each tie using the pattern code and then cut out the tie. After you have finished coloring them, hand them to dad and watch his reaction. Next, don’t forget to ask him which one is his favorite.

Will you print these out for your child to color for their dad? Do you think he will like these color ties?

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  1. This is not only nice, but it’s also educative to make a homemade gift and it can help a lot to improve the kid’s writing skills.


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