Free Summer Screen Time Rules Printable

Need help around the house with chores, let your kids earn screen time with this free summer screen time rules printable.

Are your kids glued to their phones, tablet, or computer during the summer months? With less structured schedules, kids have plenty of free time and can easily waste their day on electronics. Often time they are spending too much time with their electronics instead of going outside to play or helping out with household chores.

Last summer we share an article on how to reduce screen time for kids this summer and hope that you will take a look at our ideas and suggestions. Today, I wanted to share so that you can set up and use our summer screen time rules printable.

Summer Screen Time Rules Instruction Sheet

Summer Screen Time Rules Instructions
  1. Print out the printable. You can either laminate the printable for multiple uses or if you have more than 1 child, just print it and clip it on a clipboard.
  2. In order for your child to get screen time they have to complete items on the Summer Screen Time Rules Printable.
  3. Add any items not provided in the printable by writing them down in the blank space.
  4. 4 Suggestions: Print the Summer Screen Time RUles on card paper or laminate the printable after printing it on regular A4 size paper. You and your child can then use a removable marker pen and reuse the printable as many times as you like.

Summer Screen Time Rules Printable

Summer Screen Time Rules Printablel

In order for your child to earn screen time, they have to complete items on this list. Once the list is completed then they will be able to have an x amount of screen time for each activity.

Free Summer Screen Time Rules Printable

Will you limit screen time this summer? Do you think our free Free Summer Screen Time Rules Printable will help you enforce screen time?

13 thoughts on “Free Summer Screen Time Rules Printable”

  1. This is a good idea. My kids are older and would probably giggle at this though. I’m always like “just clean something a day, okay?”

  2. This is a great printable. I hope that my daughters will do more outdoor activities this summer. They are usually pretty good with that too. We have a lot of fun stuff planned for the summer.

  3. These are great printable full of wonderful ideas, to teach our children responsibility. I do agree that kids need less time in front of the tv and spending more time outdoors and doing fun activities.


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