Free ASL Alphabet Playdough Mats

Does your child enjoy playing with playdough? My kids always loved playdough activities. They were able to have fun while learning the ASL Alphabet. The playdough mats allow your child to use playdough and make the upper and lower case letters.

Item’s Needed

Instructions for ASL Playdough Mats

  1. Print out the ASL alphabet playdough mats.
  2. Place the printed ASL alphabet playdough mat into the Reusable Dry Erase Pockets or have them laminated for multiple uses.
  3. Use the color of playdough for each letter of the alphabet.
  4. Mold the playdough into the shape of each letter.
  5. Then using the Expo dry erase marker trace the upper and lower case letters.
  6. Have fun and enjoy these ASL alphabet playdough mats!

Does your child want to learn the ASL alphabet? These ASL alphabet playdough mats are a great way to learn the ASL alphabet. Plus, most kids enjoy doing activities while they are learning. I hope you enjoy these Free ASL Alphabet Playdough Mats.

Do you think your child will enjoy learning with these Free ASL Playdough Mats?

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