Top 10 Germiest Areas in Schools

My son came home with an IPad in case the county goes into lockdown after Thanksgiving Break. We tried remote learning and that was a disaster so the thought of returning to school remotely scares me a bit. The first nine weeks of school was very stressful for both me and my son. I already told my son that if we go back to remote learning that it is only temporary.

Acne and Mask Connection

At the beginning of the school, I was so hesitant to put him in the classroom due to the risk of being exposed to COVID19. I’m high-risk and I know that schools are full of germs. But with COVID-19 schools were forced to find a way to make in-class learning possible so that kids who were unable to attend school for remote learning was able to continue the school year without delays or interuptions.

Schools have taken extra precautions in order to ensure that students in the classroom are safe. They took a look at the germiest areas in school and came up with a solution to help stop the spread of germs. Where do you think the germiest areas in school are located?

The 10 Germiest Places In Your School created by Spotless Cleaning Chicago

Were you shocked to discover that the germiest areas in school is the water fountain spigots? This didn’t come to me as a shocker because I’ve seen kids lick, put their mouth over the spigot, and play in the water fountain.

COVID-19 has everyone on edge and keeping your kids safe at school is a top concern. Masks are a pain to wear but it beats getting very ill.

Where did you expect the germiest area in schools to be located at? Was it where you expected or were you off?

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  1. Every parent needs to know this. With so many schools back in session in one form or another, it’s important for us to know where the hardcore danger zones are.

  2. I’m thankful our daughter’s school has offered a virtual option, she’s extremely high risk due to medical conditions and we just can’t risk sending her to school. So far, the entire kindergarten, the entire 5th grade, the entire junior high have all be sent home due to positive case exposures. Then the entire school went home the week before Thanksgiving break so the school could have a chance to clean more thoroughly. Your post is quite helpful and one I plan to share with mom friends who do have children at school.
    **LOVE his mask! my daughter is all about cute masks lol she has quite the collection (she had to wear a mask to school long before COVID took over and had to stay home when the flu hit so this isn’t anything new to her).

  3. My kid goes at school in person and I know that the school makes everything possibile to keep covid away from our kids. I can’t wait that this pandemic thing is over!

  4. Yes my kids are going in-person too, they are not learning anything with virtual.I had no choice either send them in -person or let them fail. So decide to take a risk. Yes my hubby is high risk because of his diabetes. But we have no choice.


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