Homework Tips for Kids

Does your child seem to struggle to complete their homework or projects in a timely manner? Though each child has different study habits and techniques that work for them, it is important that they use these homework tips for kids to help avoid procrastination.

Kids Homework Tips

Create a Study Schedule

Get your child to plan out their homework and study time in advance. You don’t want them to wait until it is bedtime to remember that they have homework or a test to study for the next day. Do set aside specific times for different subjects or assignments. This will allow your child to focus on one subject at a time and get each assignment finished. Get your child to stick to their schedule as much as possible. This will help your child manage their time effectively and avoid procrastination.

Break Tasks into Smaller Chunks

Does your child have a project or a big assignment to get done? Instead, of focusing on the big picture, have them break it down into smaller, manageable tasks. This will make completing their project or assignment easier to complete and help them stay on top of their homework.

Eliminate Distractions

It is best for your child to have a quiet, well-light place to study without any distractions. Make them turn off their phones, close out any unnecessary browser tabs on their computer, and let others in the house know what they are working on homework.

How to Get Kids to Do Their Homework

Take Breaks

Do make sure that your child takes regular breaks while they are studying or working on their homework. Have your child set a timer or an alarm to remind them to take a short break every hour or so. During their breaks, they should stretch, go outside for a short walk, or do something they enjoy in order to recharge their brain.

Ask for Help

Teach your child that it is okay to ask for help if they don’t understand something. Whether they reach out to their teachers, ask a classmate, go to tutoring, or even ask you for help, they might help you figure out the problem or help find a way to get your homework done in a timely manner.

Stay Organized

Teach your child to keep track of their assignments, due dates, and notes in a planner or a digital tool like Google Calendar. It is important that they keep their study materials and notes organized so that they can find the information they need to do their homework or project easily. Being organized will also help your child stay on top of their homework. Plus, it keeps them from procrastinating or scrambling at the last minute.

Kids Doing Homework

Take Care of Yourself

Make sure that your child gets enough sleep, eats healthy meals, and engages in regular physical activity. It is important for your child to learn how to take care of themselves at an early age. Staying on top of your physical and mental health will help your child stay focused and do better academically.

Review and Revise

After they have completed their homework, teach them to take time to review and revise their work as needed. This teaches them how to double-check for answers, ensure that they have answered all the questions correctly, and make the necessary corrections if needed. Using this technique not only helps them get their homework or project done but it improves their understanding of the material and helps boost their grades.

Even though kids learn how to study and get their homework done, many kids can benefit from using these homework tips for kids to get their homework or school projects done in a timely manner. Experiment with different strategies and find what works best for your child.

Homework Tips for Kids

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  1. As always, great advice on this website! I need to focus on getting the kids to do their homework in smaller chunks. Seems like we are always rushing right before bedtime.

  2. Great Tips. Putting effort into break down tasks and keeping organized does eliminate alot of stress and distractions.

  3. Great tips here for a homework routine that will work for the kiddos. I remember these days when my oldest was young and it was like pulling teeth to get her serious about her homework when she was young. I kept working with her and would help her when I got home from work with her studies and around 6th grade…she was doing it all herself and just graduated from college with amazing grades and she made the Deans list. It is so important to get them to see the importance of their studies and what it can do for them. Great post!

  4. This is a good list of tips. There is a lot of information here that I need to keep in mind. Your sharing is greatly appreciated.


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