Parenting Tips for Divorced Single Moms

Navigating parenting after a divorce can be tough and challenging. But it is possible to be the best parent if you follow these parenting tips for divorced single moms. Nothing is more devastating to learn that your spouse no longer wants to be married and go separate ways. As a single mom, you are on duty to play both roles of mom and dad which means that you will have far more responsibilities than you ever had before.

Parenting Tips for Divorced Single Moms

You naturally cope with this change and begin believing in yourself that you can parent your child alone. And you can and will get through every obstacle that will come your way. Lean on your support network of family and friends, they can help you get through the challenges as well as the good times. Over time, you will see that being in a one-parent family is not always difficult and stressful but that you will see joys and rewards as well. Plus, your child won’t grow up in a home where the marriage is unhealthy.

Here are some tips that can help you survive the life of single parenting:

Parenting Tips for Divorced Single Moms

How to Get Over the Guilt

As a single parents it is likely for you to have moments of insecurity about your ability to raise your children alone. Feelings of guilt, regret, or even frustration are part of your unsuccessful attempt of giving your children a complete family. However, you must not let these negative emotions overpower you or else your children will also have unhealthy relationships towards you and other people.

How to Provide Good Role Models for your Child

Experts say that it is important for single parents to expose their children to other positive men like their grandpa or their uncles. This allows children to feel that they can still receive the love and attention they would normally get from their fathers.

Parenting Tips for Divorced Single Moms

How to Seek Child Support

Your child deserves every kind of support from you and his father. Seeking a child’s support is not a way to get back at his father but a way to help you support your child. If a father refuses a child support, you can ask for government’s help. Many States are adopting laws to prevent delinquent parents running away from their responsibilities. The child support and custody agreement will be in your divorce decree.

How to Maintain a Civil Relationship with your Child’s Father

Experts advice that it is your responsibility as a parent to keep the lines of communication open and maintain a civil relationship with your child’s father. You must maintain your cool and learn to compromise to allow a good father-child relationship. If you struggle with communication, try moving to Talking Parents (court approved app to help parents communicate about their child) or even email. Then stick to the facts about your child and leave the emotion out of it.

How to Answer When the Child Asks About their Father

There will come a time when your child asks about his other parent. It is scaring but as a mother it is your responsibility to answer questions regarding his father and your household situation honestly and specifically as possible. You need to reassure your child that despite of the circumstances, both of his parents love him or her.

How to Remind your Child of his Father

Even if a child’s father can’t play an active role in a child’s life it is still vital to keep his memory in the child’s mind. Encourage your child to nurture his relationship with his dad by constantly reminding something good about his father like a beautiful voice or an enjoyable bonding game they enjoy.

Parenting Tips for Divorced Single Moms

How to Reach out to Support Networks For Single Parents

Swallowing a little pride and confiding some of your concerns to your family and friends will lighten your parental load. It will also help if you let your family and friends bond with your kids on special occasions or on weekends. For single parenting support groups within your community, you may check:, divorce support groups at church, divorce support groups online, counseling for you and your child.

Being a single parent after a divorce can be challenging but you can do it. I’ve been a single parent twice now and it is the hardest thing that I have ever done. But it is so rewarding watching him grow into a young man. Just remember you can’t control what the other parent does and you can only do so much if the father is absent.

Parenting Tips for Divorced Single Moms

Do you have any other parenting tips for divorced single moms?

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  1. This is such a great article to read, it’s very informative and helpful! These are amazing tips for single moms to cope with their situation! Definitely, a great reference if follow properly and rightfully!

  2. I agree with you that getting over guilt is very important since we must not let these negative emotions lose our confidence in raising our child/ren.

    Having a support group is also very helpful in order to get advice and perhaps just make you feel that you are not alone in this journey.

  3. I’ve never been in this situation but I think these are great tips. Maintaining a civil relationship with the child’s father is important, I believe for the sake of the child.

  4. It is great for both parents to remember the kids are the most important, not the parents’ past with each other. I think this will help to keep the focus on kids. All of these tips are great.


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