How to Set Up a DIY Christmas Photo Booth

This year set up a DIY Christmas photo booth to capture the fun and silly photos of family and friends at your next holiday gathering. DIY photo booths are inexpensive and easy to set up. Plus, guests will enjoy taking selfies and funny photos with their family and friends using props provided.

There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars renting a professional photo booth for the night. From picking a good spot in your home or venue to set up your Christmas photo booth will probably be the hardest part of this project. We suggest taking sample photos in different locations in your home so you can determine where you can capture the best photos without hiring a professional to set up your photo booth.

How to Set Up a DIY Christmas Photo Booth

Setting up the rest of your photo booth will be a breeze. All you need is a good backdrop, props, a camera, tripod or volunteer to capture photos, or you can use your selfie stick to capture the fun memories.

Pick a Christmas Backdrop

A backdrop is an important element of your Christmas photo booth. You can use wrapping paper, a blank wall, use a white sheet and add tinsel vertically, tablecloth, in front of the Christmas tree, outside against a brick wall if the weather is nice, or you can buy a fancy Christmas backdrop. It is best to skip backdrops that are shiny or wrinkled.

Gather Fun Christmas Themed Props

Fun Christmas props are a necessary element to making your photo booth fun and memorable for guests. We love heading to dollar tree and finding Santa hats, Elf Ears, Elf hats, reindeer ears and anything else that could be used as a prop.

We also suggest purchasing some fun Christmas props such as these props that we found here. They are inexpensive and your guests will love posing with these fun signs and props.

You can also wrap an empty box to use as a prop. Also, picture frames, lights, tinsel, stockings, and other Christmas decor to use as well. The more props you can come up with, the more photos that your guests can take while at your party.

Photo Booth for Christmas Party


Cell phones are a popular option for taking photo booth pictures. You can purchase a tripod and then set a timer on the camera for a handsfree option. Tripods are inexpensive and will give you the ability to take photos without accidentally blurring the photo. If you are struggling with low-quality light in your photos, you can typically adjust the settings on your cell phone camera. Adjusting the exposure time to allow more time for the light to hit the image sensor in your phone’s camera.

Share Photos Instantly

Taking photos using a cell phone also allows you to instantly share photos with each other whether on social media or texting the photos to guests. You can even set up a hashtag to use when sharing the photos. Using a hashtag allows other guests to see photos from the Christmas party. If you have young kids at your party, always get permission prior to adding photos of their children on your social media accounts.

Edit Photos on Your Phone

We love using the BeFunky app to edit photos on the go. It is a free app and super easy to use. Editing the photos allow you to fix slight lighting issues or give you the ability to crop photos if needed. We suggest playing with different filters too.

A photo booth is a great way to entertain guests when they arrive to your Christmas party. They will enjoy capturing fun photos and taking silly photos with different props. There is no reason to spend hundreds of dollars on a Christmas photo booth when you can make your own and save money. With a bit of creativity, you can come up with a fun DIY Christmas photo booth to create fun memories with family and friends this year.

How to Set Up a DIY Christmas Photo Booth

Have you ever set up your own DIY Christmas photo booth?

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  1. I haven’t set up a DIY Christmas Photo Booth but I have done one for a wedding and birthday parties. I think a Christmas one would be fun too!

  2. Ha, that really does sound like a fun idea. I just bought props for photo staging for work so they could work for that too.

  3. Very fun idea in our situation today we have to be more creative and fashionable in this coming holidays…Merry Christmas to all

  4. Wow why i haven’t come up with this idea before! this sounds fun. My family would be really happy to have this DIY Christmas booth. One way to spend memories and fun time too.

  5. I don’t use a photo edit app but I should try it. Love easy things so I need to try your suggestion. BeFunky sounds to be great!


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