The Best Grinch-Themed Desserts

Grinch Snacks Grinch Cake Balls

After Thanksgiving, we always pull out all of the Christmas decorations, get a visit from our Elf on the Shelf, and we curl up on the couch to watch our favorite Christmas movies together. Of course Home Alone, Polar Express, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas is on the top of the list of must-see … Read more

10 Ways to Help Families in Need this Christmas

10 Ways to Help Families in Need this Christmas

Are you worried that your decisions about how you handle Christmas gifts are feeding your child’s sense of entitlement? For families with young children, Santa often brings the more expensive items that your child has been eyeing all year long. However, just because your child wants something doesn’t mean that they are entitled to get … Read more

How to Avoid the Flu This Winter + Checklist

How to Talk to Your Child About Avoiding the Flu This Winter 1

Are you prepared for the flu season this year? We wanted to prepare you and help you avoid the flu this year. Each year different strains of the flu and scientist analyze data that is collected from 142 national influenza centers in 113 different countries (further reading on how flu vaccines are made) to determine which virus is expected … Read more

Top 10 Kid-Approved Halloween Treats


Do your kids love eating fun and festive Halloween treats? My son always comes home from school hangry. The moment that I get him from the school pick-up line, he is already asking for dinner even though dinner is several hours away. I have been planning to make him some fun Halloween treats but I can’t … Read more

7 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Home for Fall

7 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Home for Fall 2

Our favorite season is here! We are finally waking up to the crisp fall air, the trees are starting to change color and fall to the ground, pumpkins are sitting outside of the grocery store looking for a home, carnivals and fall festivities are slowly popping up over town, Starbucks has begun selling their pumpkin … Read more