Tips for Improving Home Security

There are many ways to improve your home security and make your property less vulnerable to theft or break-ins. Here are some tips for improving home security:

ways to improve home security

Install High-Quality Locks

Do ensure that all doors and windows have sturdy, high-quality locks, including deadbolts, latch guards, and strike plates. Consider upgrading to smart locks that can be controlled remotely.

Secure your Doors and Windows

Make sure that all doors and windows are securely locked at all times, and consider installing deadbolts or other locking mechanisms for added security.

Install a Home Security System

A good home security system will include an alarm that alerts you and/or the authorities when someone attempts to enter your home, as well as cameras and other monitoring equipment to help deter criminals.

Install Security Cameras

Security cameras can provide you with real-time monitoring of your property, which can be a great way to deter burglars and capture footage if a crime does occur.

Use Motion-Sensing Lights

Installing motion-sensing lights around your home can help deter would-be burglars, as they will be less likely to attempt to enter your property if they know they will be illuminated.

Maintain your Landscaping

Overgrown bushes or trees can provide cover for burglars, so keep your landscaping trimmed and well-maintained.

Keep Valuables out of Sight

Don’t leave valuable items like electronics, jewelry, or cash in plain sight, as this can make your home a more tempting target.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

Developing good relationships with your neighbors can help you keep an eye on each other’s homes and report any suspicious activity.

Install a Peephole or Video Doorbell

Seeing who is at your door before opening it can help you avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Use Timers

Put timers on your lights and electronics to make it appear as if someone is home even when you’re away.

Use Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology can be a great way to improve home security. From smart locks to smart lighting, there are many different types of devices that can be controlled remotely and provide you with additional security

Don’t Advertise Your Absence

Don’t post on social media that you’re away from home. Ask a neighbor or friend to collect your mail and newspapers while you’re away.

Be Careful with Social Media

Avoid advertising your whereabouts on social media, as this can provide potential burglars with information about when your home may be unoccupied.

Invest in a Safe

A safe is a great way to keep your valuables secure if someone manages to break into your home.

By following these tips, you can help make your home safer and more secure for you and your family.

Tips for Improving Home Security

16 thoughts on “Tips for Improving Home Security”

  1. These are very good points! As time goes on, the list gets longer and longer!! I really identify with the social media tip!! Teach your kids well!!

  2. These are really fantastic suggestions on improving your home security, and even if we get to know our neighbors we never really know anyone so it’s good to have all the tech and traditional fail-safes to fall back on when people surprise us.

  3. I have a security camera, and a video doorbell. I was thinking of putting a security system in my home. I want to thank you for these tips that I will keep in mind to find the right one.

  4. These are good tips. My daughter just got video lightbulbs at her house, so they can see what’s going on outsdie, and they work pretty good!

  5. each tip is so spot-on. with increasing robberies everywhere, it is so critical to ensure our home is safe and secure.. not advertising being away is so important and i do try to make sure i don’t post pictures while traveling (except to send to friends/family privately)..
    apps like NextDoor also are of great help


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