4 Backyard Activities the Whole Family Will Love

If you own a home with ample outdoor space, it’s important to utilize that area to the best of your ability. These backyard activities the whole family will love are easy to organize and provide hours of entertainment. You can have so much fun by simply stepping out your back door, so what are you waiting for? Check out these enjoyable ways to spend time with your loved ones.

4 Backyard Activities the Whole Family Will Love


A bonfire is a classic backyard activity that allows you to spend quality time with your family. Once you invest in a fire pit, you can quickly build a contained fire whenever you please. On a clear summer night, nothing is better than sitting around a fire and catching up with one another.

To make your bonfire night even more special, set up a s’mores station for everyone to enjoy. Stock up on graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate bars to create plenty of ooey-gooey desserts. Use long sticks to roast your marshmallows over the fire and then assemble your treats as you see fit.

Outdoor Movie

Another backyard activity the whole family will love is an outdoor movie. Once you set up a projector, you can use a large bed sheet or the side or back of your house as a screen to watch the movie. If you’re serious about creating a state-of-the-art backyard theater, you can even purchase an outdoor screen specifically designed for projectors.

Once you have your screen set up, it’s time to get comfortable with lawn chairs, pillows, and blankets. You can also make some fresh popcorn to enhance the movie-watching experience. And be sure to stock up on everyone’s favorite candies to make the night even sweeter.

4 Backyard Activities the Whole Family Will Love 1

Lawn Games

With so many lawn games to choose from, it’s easy to find an activity every member of your family will enjoy. From croquet to corn hole, the options are seemingly endless. You can also create oversized versions of your favorite indoor games, such as Jenga or checkers.

Younger children will have fun using chalk to create fun drawings on your concrete patio. It’s also a great opportunity to introduce a traditional game like hopscotch. When you carve out time to have fun and play games with your family outdoors, you strengthen your bonds and reconnect on new levels.


Sometimes, the simplest activities are the most memorable. That’s why a backyard picnic is a fun way to mix up mealtime. You can choose to either eat at your patio table or make it a more realistic experience by eating on a blanket on the grass.

No matter where you choose to eat, be sure to serve picnic-appropriate food, such as tiny sandwiches, grapes, sparkling water, and bite-size desserts. If you have a picnic basket, use it to pack your supplies and make transport from your kitchen to your backyard a breeze.

With so many fun outdoor activities for families, it’s a no-brainer that adding a patio increases your home’s value. When you have a designated space to gather outside and spend time with your loved ones, you instantly increase your usable living space. So the next time you need some fresh air, organize one of the activities suggested above and make memories that will last a lifetime.

4 Backyard Activities the Whole Family Will Love

What are some other backyard activities the whole family will love would you recommend?

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