7 Ways To Care For Your Feet

Do you properly take care of your feet? How active are your feet each day? They probably carry you at least from your car to your workplace and back into your house from your car. For those of you who run around after children or work out often, your feet do even more for you. But what do you do for your feet?

Teton Foot & Ankle Center, professionals in podiatry, helped us put together this list of ways that you can give back to your feet.

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Your feet sweat, they get smelly, and when kept in moisture for long periods of time have the potential to develop a fungus. So, take the time to wash your feet every day – like when you take a shower. Wash them in warm water and be sure to dry them well afterward – especially between the toes – before you put on socks or shoes.


Give your feet the hydration that they need with a thin coat of lotion each day. Rub skin lotion on the tops and bottoms of your feet, but don’t get in between the toes (the crevices between the toes can keep the moisture in, creating a breeding ground for bacteria). Using lotion each day will keep your feet soft and smooth, preventing dry or cracked skin on your feet.


Take some time once a week or every other week to groom your feet. Trim your toenails and use a pumice stone to smooth out calluses. When you trim your toenails, take care to trim them straight across and not too deep. Trimming your nails rounded and too close to the nail bed can cause an ingrown toenail, which is not a great way to give back to your feet or yourself.

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Wear socks and shoes whenever you leave the house. Make sure your shoes are comfortable and fit your feet well so they offer good protection rather than harm your feet. When walking on hot pavement or at the beach on hot sand, wear shoes to protect your feet from the heat. Wear socks on cold nights to prevent your feet from getting too cold.

Blood Flow

Your feet need good blood flow to function properly. When you take a break and sit down, put your feet up. And take care to not cross your legs for long periods of time – this can cut the circulation off to your feet. To help increase blood flow to your feet, take a couple of minutes each day to wiggle your toes and move your ankles around.


Be active. Exercising, walking, hiking, anything that involves you up and moving around is good for your feet. You need to use them to strengthen them.

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After a workout or at the end of a long day, take some time to massage your feet. This could be a great time to hydrate them with lotion. Whether you massage your feet yourself or ask a partner to do it, you’ll feel the tension release from your feet instantly as soon as you start. Give the muscles in your feet a relaxing break with a massage.

Your feet are responsible to carry you throughout the day. Failure to take care of your feet could lead to problems from simple infections to more serious complications. We hope that you find this list helpful so that you can give back to the feet that take you from place to place throughout the day.

7 Ways To Care For Your Feet

How do you care for your feet after a long day?

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  1. As someone who is always on their feet, it’s important to keep them healthy and comfortable. I’ll definitely be using some of these ideas to help me take better care of my feet.


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