Christmas Games For Elementary Children

Are you planning to help host a Christmas party in your child’s classroom? There are a bunch of fun games or craft ideas that you can include. We wanted to share these Christmas games for elementary children.

Be sure to have a few prizes on hand for the winners. Don’t forget to take a ton of photos and send them to the teacher.

Fill the Stocking

FIll the Stocking Christmas Games

Create groups of three to four children per team. Hang a stocking (aff link) on the wall for each team. Give each student a spoon and a bowl of candy. The first person on each team will put the spoon in their mouth backwards. Grab a piece of candy out of the bowl and place it on the spoon. While, holding the spoon in their mouth, they must walk to the stocking on the wall and place the candy in the stocking. Then they walk back to the line and the next child has a turn. The game continues until the candy bowl is empty or time’s up.

Unwrap the Game

Unwrap the Game

This is another action game that the kids will love. Provide two piles of presents that are wrapped at the end of the room. Get your room mom’s to find empty boxes in the pantry or freezer and wrap them to make “dummy” presents. Or you can get several parents to donate treats such as a candy bar, trinkets, pencils, books, etc. Then divide the children into two teams to create a relay. One person runs to the stack of gifts, unwraps it, throws away the paper, and goes back to the end of the line. If the gift wrap lands outside of the trash can, the child must run back and put it back in the trash can. Then return to the end of the line so that the next person in line can go. Whichever team wins, gets to share a bowl of candy from the Fill the Stocking game.

Remember This

Remember this christmas game

This is a quieter sit-down Christmas party game called “remember this”? Get a large cookie sheet or baking tray. Then fill it with 20 Christmas-themed items. You might include an ornament, candy cane, a Santa hat, garland, ribbon, etc. Give the kids 20 to 30 seconds to take a look at everything that they see on the tray. Then take away the tray and cover it up. Give the kids one minute to write down everything that they can remember that they saw on the tray. The person who remembered the most will win a small prize.

How Many Words Can You Make Out of

How Many Words Can You Make Out of

This is another great quiet Christmas game to play using longer Christmas words. It not only fun for the kids to figure out how many smaller words they can make but it’s also a learning game. Provide children with a list of Christmas words and let them figure out how many smaller words they can make with each word. For example, if one word is “reindeer” they might find in, deer, red, den, and so on. Longer words are best, so think of words like Christmas, snowballs, poinsettia, holly berry, and the like).

Find the Sleigh

Find the Sleigh

Sit the kids down in a circle. This Christmas game tests their ability to remember little details about their classmates, like their voice. Have a handy sleigh, either one cut out of cardboard or one from the dollar store. Blindfold one child and have another child hold the sled. Then a child with the sleigh calls out to the blindfolded child something like this:

“Santa, where’s your sleigh?” “Someone’s come and taken it away”
“Who has it? Who?”

The blindfolded child has 3 times to guess who has Santa’s Sleigh. Pass the blindfold and sleigh to another child and repeat the process.

Draw a Snowman with Your Eyes Closed

Give each child a piece of paper and a pencil. Tell them to close their eyes and then tell them what to draw. Give them the shapes, but don’t tell them exactly what they are trying to draw (though most children will figure it out). So, first tell them to draw three circles, with the largest being on the bottom and the smallest on the top. Then tell them to draw dots for eyes, and buttons for a coat. Keep going until you have described a snowman. Then have the children open their eyes to see what they have actually drawn. Award a prize for the drawing that most closely resembles a snowman.

Growing up the Christmas class parties were always so much fun. Nowadays, they limit the party to the last part of the day just before the kids go home. So keep this in mind when you are choosing Christmas games for elementary children.

What Christmas games did you play when you were in elementary?

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