Christmas Activities to Do With Kids

What are some Christmas activities to do with kids this holiday season? These activities will surely spark joy and excitement, making the Christmas season memorable for the whole family. Feel free to adapt them to suit your family’s preferences and traditions! Here are some ideas to spark the holiday spirit:

What are some Christmas Activities to Do With Kids

Decorate the House

Let the kids help decorate the Christmas tree, hang stockings, and put up lights around the house.

Bake Christmas Treats

Make cookies, gingerbread houses, or other festive treats together. Let them decorate the cookies with icing and sprinkles or make other festive treats. Growing up this was one of my favorite Christmas activities to do with kids. Here are some from our site that you can try:

Create a Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of holiday-themed items or clues for the kids to find around the house or neighborhood.

Elf on the Shelf

If your family participates, involve the kids in finding creative spots for the elf each day leading up to Christmas.

DIY Christmas Cards

Set up a station with craft supplies and help the kids make their own Christmas cards for friends and family.

Create Handmade Ornaments

Make ornaments using craft supplies like popsicle sticks, glitter, paint, and beads. These can be wonderful keepsakes.

Watch Christmas Movies

Set up a cozy movie night with classic Christmas films like “Home Alone,” “The Polar Express,” , “The Grinch”, or “Elf.”

Write Letters to Santa

Encourage the kids to write letters to Santa Claus. You can even help them send it to the North Pole!

Visit a Christmas Market

Take them to a local Christmas market where they can enjoy festive music, food, and sometimes meet Santa Claus.

Go Ice Skating

If there’s an ice rink nearby, ice skating can be a thrilling holiday activity for kids.

Best Christmas Activities to Do With Kids

Read Christmas Stories

Gather around and read classic Christmas stories or books about the holiday season.

Make DIY Gifts

Help the kids create personalized gifts for family members or friends. It could be artwork, handmade cards, or simple crafts.

Volunteer Together

Encourage the spirit of giving by volunteering at a local charity or participating in a toy drive for kids in need.

Create a Christmas Countdown

Make a countdown calendar or use an advent calendar to mark the days leading up to Christmas.

DIY Snow Globes

Create snow globes using mason jars, glitter, and small figurines. It’s a fun and creative activity.

Sing Christmas Carols

Have a sing-along session with classic Christmas carols. You can even go caroling around the neighborhood.

Build a Gingerbread House

Use a gingerbread house kit or make one from scratch. Let the kids decorate it with candies and icing.

Visit a Tree Lighting Ceremony

Attend a local tree lighting event. It’s often a magical experience for kids to see the lights come on.

What Are Some Good Christmas Activities to Do With Kids

Visit a Christmas Light Display

Take a drive around the neighborhood to see beautifully decorated houses or visit a local area known for elaborate light displays.

Make Hot Cocoa

Teach the kids how to make delicious hot chocolate with marshmallows or whipped cream. It’s perfect for sipping by the fire.

Build a Fort or Indoor Camp

Use blankets, pillows, and Christmas lights to create a cozy fort or indoor campsite where they can read holiday stories or play games.

Play Holiday Games

Set up games like Pin the Nose on Rudolph, a Christmas-themed scavenger hunt, or holiday-themed charades.

Create a Family Christmas Playlist

Let everyone in the family choose their favorite holiday songs and compile them into a playlist for background music during activities.

Make Reindeer Food

Mix oats and glitter in a baggie to sprinkle on the lawn for Santa’s reindeer on Christmas Eve.

Outdoor Activities

If you have snow, have fun building a snowman, having a snowball fight, or making snow angels.

DIY Wrapping Paper

Let the kids create their own wrapping paper by using stamps, paints, or drawings on plain paper to wrap gifts.

Holiday Science Experiments

Engage in simple science experiments with a holiday twist, like making a snowstorm in a jar or growing candy canes.

Host a Holiday Tea Party

Set up a fancy tea party with holiday-themed snacks, cookies, and warm beverages for a delightful afternoon.

Create a Memory Book

Encourage the kids to make a scrapbook or memory book with photos, drawings, and stories from the holiday season.

Good Christmas Activities to Do With Kids

Dress Up in Festive Attire

Have a dress-up day where everyone wears their most festive holiday outfits, complete with Santa hats and reindeer antlers.

Giving Back

Teach kids about giving by participating in a charity or volunteering activity, such as donating toys or helping at a local shelter.

DIY Snowman Bowling

Stack up white cups or cans and draw snowman faces on them. Use a small ball to bowl and knock down the snowmen.

Holiday Coloring Pages

Print out Christmas-themed coloring pages or activity sheets. Spend time coloring and doing activities together.

Christmas Eve Box

Prepare a special box filled with new pajamas, a Christmas movie, snacks, and a book to open on Christmas Eve for a cozy evening together.

Reflect on the Year

Take some time to reflect on the past year and talk about things they are grateful for or their favorite memories.

These Christmas activities to do with kids are perfect for creating festive moments and fostering joy and togetherness during the holiday season. Enjoy making wonderful memories with your little ones!

Christmas Activities to Do With Kids

What are some other Christmas activities to do with kids?

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  1. These are amazing ideas! We make cookies also decorating our home together, even do a scavenger hunt as well, and watch Christmas movies together as a family, also give back as much as we can.

  2. You’ve got so many great ideas here. I do a lot of these with the kids already. Some of our favorites are decorating the house for Christmas and making Christmas treats.

  3. Some of the best Christmas memories are the ones we made with the kids. You have a lot of great suggestions here. The one we’ve never done is ice skate because although I used to rollerskate, I never tried on ice skates and I’m too scared to do it now, lol. I’m so excited for the holidays this year. It’s such a fun time.

  4. These Christmas activities are exactly what I was looking for! Decorating the house with the kids brings an amazing sense of togetherness. It’s heartwarming to watch them hang ornaments and get creative with decorations. Baking Christmas treats is always a hit in our house too!

  5. Love this post! We do a lot of these Holiday activities, and we love doing them. Such a way to bond with the entire family and oh the memories we make.

  6. So many fun activities on this list. We do many of these over the holidays.. love the idea of science experiments – snowstorm in a jar sounds so cool


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