6 Cute Ways to Decorate Your Small Apartment

Apartment decorating can get a little tricky sometimes. There’s only so much you can do with a small space. You’re probably not going to go pick up a bunch of large furniture items and vast wall hangings because those will only crowd your small space. But don’t worry, we have some sweet pointers for you that are sure to make your cute little apartment feel like home.  How have you decided to decorate your small apartment?


What is your window situation like? Curtains are a great way to incorporate some decoration without taking up a ton of space. Choose something chic and sheer, or go with a nice neutral blackout curtain if you prefer to keep to yourself. (You can always open these up for a little natural light now and then.)

How to Decorate Your Small Apartment


If you have hard floors, rugs are the perfect item to incorporate a little interior design into your small home. Pick a rug that accents your furniture well. Pick something soft and comfy to walk on or a nice accent piece like a faux fur rug. Place a small coffee table over the top of it (if it’s in the center of a room). 

Floating Shelves

The walls are going to be your best friends when it comes to decorating your small apartment because there aren’t many other places to add decor. But you don’t want to overcrowd them with too many or too large items, because that will just make the room feel smaller. You’ll want to strategically place small to medium-sized items in such a way that they accent the space. 

Floating shelves are a great way to do just that. Place floating shelves at eye level, or even a little higher, to give the room a little more depth. Have multiple shelves at different levels. Use these shelves to add cute accent trinkets, books, plants, photos, or other memorabilia to your living space. If you need a good place to get ideas for your floating shelves, try www.ezfloatingshelf.com

Wall Art

Along with floating shelves, wall art can greatly enhance the space you live in. Whether that’s pictures of your family, artwork that you’ve purchased or created, or some cool tapestry, find a sweet place to add it into your home decor. Just try not to overdo it. Whitespace is just as important in your living room as it is on a magazine cover. 


Decorating a Small Apartment

Lighting is extremely important for the overall comfort and look of your apartment. Do you have plenty of natural light from windows? Is there a chandelier or other ceiling lights? Can you dim the lights?

If you need to add some variety to your lighting, and maybe another cute accent furniture item, try a thin, tall floor lamp. Something with different light settings would be perfect. This will allow you to add more light if you don’t have enough, or dim the lights if you want some nice ambiance in the evenings. 


Plants aren’t just a cute addition to your decor, but they also help enhance the air quality in your small space. Choose plants that go well with your interior design. Cute drooping greenery to hang from your floating shelves, a large potted plant that will go well next to your floor lamp, or even some small succulents to accent the center of your coffee table. Find something that fits well with your home and personality. 

The most important thing to remember is to have fun with it! This is your apartment. Find the things that you like, and make the place your own. Most landlords won’t allow you to modify your apartment permanently and residents have to find other ways to decorate their small apartment.

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6 Cute Ways to Decorate Your Small Apartment

Have you had a small apartment before? How did you decorate your small apartment?

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