Free Halloween Witch’s Activity Sheets

Can you believe that Halloween is in a few weeks? Halloween is a popular holiday for the kids because they get to dress up and go trick or treating. Let’s not forget about decorating your house with pumpkins, spiders, ghosts, skeletons, and other creepy critters. My kids also love all the fun Halloween treats. Do you kids love Halloween?

Are you looking for some free Halloween printables for your kids? These free Halloween printables are perfect for elementary or preschool kids.

My Halloween Brew

While this activity is for kids who are a bit older and know how to write full sentences. Or you can help your child complete this activity. Ask your child to list items that they would put into their witches brew. What is the effect of your witches brew? Next write the ingredients in the ovals and an adjective to describe the ingredient.

My Witches Spell

This activity is also geared for kids in elementary school too. But you can also help your preschooler come up with their witch’s spell. Simply write the name of the ingredients 1 thru 4. Then describe what this spell is for.

Halloween Scattergories

Let’s play a fun game of Halloween scattergories. Write a word that comes to you as soon as you see the statement.

How to Brew a Potion

Write a short story on how to brew a potion. You can use the previous sheets for ideas or write a new story.

Label the Witch

This is a fun activity that even preschoolers should be able to do. Grab the scissors and a glue stick. Cut out each of the word boxes. Then using the glue to place the word in the appropriate box.

Color the Witches Legs

Use addition or subtraction to solve which color that you should use to color in the area.

Say Hello to the Witch

For this worksheet, you will use the best words that you can think of that describe the witch. Write those words in each bubble.

Witches Broom

For this activity, you will need to draw who you would like to be with your broom. Then write a story on things that you would add to your broom to make it special.

Draw A Witch

Connect the dots to draw a witch.

Download these Free Witch’s Activity Sheets here!

Halloween is just a few weeks away. Are you kids already getting excited? My son is excited but hasn’t figured out what he is going to wear trick or treating yet. Go ahead and printed these worksheets out for your kids to do.

Do you think your kids will enjoy these Halloween Witch’s Activity Sheets?

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