Free Transportation Movement Cards

Toddlers are great at picking up the music’s rhythm and tempo. One way to get them moving is to imitate each of the transportation movement cards. They love bobbing up and down, shaking their hips, twirling in a circle, and a wide variety of movements. So next time you see your toddler dancing, encourage them to keep going.

Free Transportation Movement Cards

Let’s look at some fun ways to get your toddler up and moving with these transportation cards. Each one of the transportation cards has a mode of transportation and the movement that goes with it.

Take Off Like an Airplane

Have your child mimic an airplane taking off and flying in the sky.

Dive Like a Submarine

A submarine sinks to the bottom of the ocean floor. Have your toddler sink aka bend down into a squatting position. For an added challenge: get them to try to walk while in a squatting position.

Drift Like a Hot Air Balloon

A hot air balloon floats along in the air. They can change directions and go up and down. Get your toddler to move like a hot air balloon drifting along.

Push Like a Bulldozer

Does your toddler know how a bulldozer pushes dirt? In this exercise, give your child an empty box, laundry basket, or anything else that they can safely push around. Then have them push it around the room.

Drive Like a Car

A car goes slow or fast, turns right or left, stops quickly or slowly, and goes over speed bumps or dips in the road. Have your toddler try a variety of ways you can drive a car. Don’t forget to honk the horn too!

Speed Up Like a Motorcycle

This one will be a run one for your child to mimic. Have them make the notice a motorcycle does and run around the room quickly.

Travel Like a Ship

Have your child practice moving slowly and making super wide turns. Don’t forget to blow the horn to warn smaller ships.

Dig Like a Backhoe

For this exercise, think of your dog digging in the backyard. Have your child mimic what your dog does when he or she digs holes in the yard.

Fly Like a Chopper

A chopper has two to four blades depending on the size of your chopper. But for our exercise, you will have a two-blade chopper. Use your arms to create the blades and spin around. Take frequent breaks between flights.

Transport Like a Bus

I suggest that you play the wheels on the bus song and go through the motions. This song imitates everything that goes on inside of a bus, especially a school bus.

Sail Like a Boat

A sailboat uses a sail in order to maneuver the boat. Use your arms high in the air so act as a sail and use it to move your sailboat around very slowly.

Deliver Like a Truck

A truck is similar to a car but much bigger making driving it a bit harder. Have your child drive the truck and then back up to the table, couch, or another place in your house to “unload” the truck.

Pull Like a Tractor

Have your child pretend to pull around a wagon loaded down or something similar so they can pretend they are a tractor.

Run Like a Train

Trains move very quickly so let your child run around and say choo choo.

Have them make the motions that a bike does, similar to running with high knees while steering the wheel. Have them race around the room like a bicycle.

Are you looking for some fun ways to get your child moving? These fun transportation cards have a mode of transportation and then your child has to mimic how the transportation moves. These cards will help improve your child’s gross motor activity too!

Download and Print these 15 Transportation Movement Cards Here!

Will you print these cards out for your child?

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  1. These are so cute! I bet they would help with morning routines that seem to drag. “Get your shoes on!” or rather, “Dive like a submarine toward the shoes and get them on!”

  2. These cards are so useful. It’s exactly what I need for my niece. She is in that age that is curious about the world around!


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