Free Fruit Directed Drawing Printable

Directed drawing is a great way to get your little one interested in drawing. It helps boost their confidence, learn how to follow directions, and it is something that you can attach to a theme or unit study. This fruit directed drawing printable is a great way to teach your child how to draw fruits. Fruits are often chosen as a starting point for artists because they are different shapes. As your child learns how to draw with this fruit directed drawing, they can take those skills and transfer them to their own free-hand drawings. Let’s take a look at our fruit directed drawing printable. This printable is free for at-home and classroom use.

How to Draw an Apple

For this exercise, you can start off by tracing each step for little artists. But as they gain experience have them follow the direction and draw the apple free-handed

How to Draw a Lemon

Again, the little artists can begin by tracing each step of drawing a lemon. As they improve their skills let them attempt to draw the lemon free-handed.

How to Draw a Mango

Little artists start learning how to draw by training each step. As they become more skilled, let them start trying to free-hand draw a mango.

How to Draw a Watermelon

Let little artists gain confidence by tracing the steps on how to draw a watermelon. Then as they slowly develop their skills, let them try drawing it free-handed.

How to Draw a Pineapple

The pineapple is a bit more advanced than some of the other fruits. Again, you can let little artists trace each step. As they gain skills, let them attempt to draw the pineapple free-handed.

How to Draw an Avocado

Let little artists trace the avocado and help them gain confidence in their drawing skills. As they improve, encourage them to attempt to free-hand draw an avocado.

How to Draw a Strawberry

Little artists need to learn how to draw and the best way to let them learn is to let them trace each step. Then later down the road, they can attempt to free-hand draw the strawberry.

How to Draw a Grape

A little artist should be allowed to trace each step so they can improve their skills. Then as they get better at drawing they can attempt to free-hand.

Download and Print This Free Fruit Directed Drawing Printables Here!

Directed drawing is a great way to teach little artist how to build confidence, is to allow them to trace the steps as they learn how to draw each fruit, and how to follow directions, and it can be added to a unit study. As your child gains confidence give them a chance to try free-hand drawing.

Have you ever heard of directed drawing? Will you print out these free fruit directed drawing printables?

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  1. How cute! I love stuff like this for the little grandkids. I try to keep their minds working on stuff like this instead of whats on the tv and phone.

  2. Awesome illustration for our kids. Definitely, a big help for them to acquire and develop their drawing skills while they’re young.


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