How to Add Farmhouse Chic Design Elements to Your Home

Farmhouse chic design elements, clean sight lines, and open concept living are trending when it comes to rehabbing an old housing and new construction. The farmhouse chic design is a regular feature in homes that Chip and Joanna Gaines have designed on the popular television show, “Fixer Upper”,  and with their show ending now is the time to do your own DIY farmhouse makeover in your home.

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Here are some of the popular design elements that you can find in Chip and Joanna Gaines Farmhouse Chic designs. She is the best when it comes to designing new spaces.

Farmhouse Sink

Most people who are trying to achieve the farmhouse chic design go for the farmhouse sink. Farmhouse sinks were designed when there wasn’t running water in homes. They tend to be deeper than most modern sinks. If you are a baker, you will love this sink because you can stack pots n pans and other items needed for cooking for your family.

Unlike your modern sinks, a farmhouse sink doesn’t have a hole for the faucet and sprayer. So when it is installed, it has to be installed in the counter top or on the wall.

Many homeowners are worried about farmhouse sinks will go out of style but it is highly unlikely since they have been around since the 1800s. They are a part of history. However, I think it is important to look at the overall design that you are going from and then choose your sink. Even if you don’t go for the farmhouse sink, go for a single deep sink. A single deep sink will make cleaning your pots and pans, crock pots, roasting pans, cookie sheets, etc., so much easier.

Reclaimed Barn Wood

Whether you are tearing a home down to the studs or just looking to add your own touches to your home, adding a reclaimed wood accent wall can add character. Don’t worry the wood doesn’t have to come from your own home. Try and think of places that you can purchase reclaimed wood. Here are a few ways to find reclaimed barn wood:

How to Add Farmhouse Chic Design Elements to Your Home
  • Reclaimed Wood Dealers who specialize in purchasing wood from historic homes, fences, and old barns.
  • Search online for “reclaimed wood”, “reclaimed timber”, or “reclaimed lumber”. Before making the purchase ask plenty of questions about the quality of the wood. You want to know if the wood is rotting, warped, or infested with bugs such as termites.
  • Architectural Salvage yards who specialize in salvaging architectural wood and other elements from old houses.
  • Demolition sites are a great way to find reclaimed wood. Find old homes or historical buildings that are on the list to be demolished. Always contact the owner and ask for permission before searching a property for reclaimed wood prior to demolition.
  • A field near your home might have an old home on the property that is sitting vacant or on the verge of falling over. Ask the owner for permission to gather reclaimed barn wood. The county’s appraisal district has public records of property owners to help identify the correct property owner.
  • Home Depot sells disassembled pallets and crates that can also be used for your project.


Joanna Gaines gets so excited when Chip finds shiplap hidden behind the sheetrock during demolition. She loves using shiplap to create accent walls similar to the reclaimed bard wood. Shiplap can be painted white, Joanna’s favorite color, or another color that goes with your design elements.

Open Shelving

I personally am not a fan of open shelving instead of using upper kitchen cabinets. I’m a fan of keeping my kitchen essentials behind closed doors. However, I am a fan of using open shelving to feature knick-knacks and other design elements. Would you be comfortable with open shelving in your kitchen?

You can experiment with open shelving in other areas in your home. Shelves are an easy way to add farm house chic design elements to a room. Joanna would approve of these open shelves in the kitchen or bathroom.

Pick Multipurpose Storage and Furniture Pieces

Joanna Gaines always adds versatile pieces of furniture, such as this white farmhouse cabinet with sliding doors, or organizational tools to help control the clutter. Find farmhouse chic wooden crates, storage cubbies, old trunks, baskets, or piece of furniture to help keep the clutter at bay in the living room.

Barn Doors

I love barn doors because they don’t take up valuable floor space. Barn doors don’t have to be made using rustic materials so don’t throw the idea out before you look into other options to go with your Farmhouse Chic design.  I’m in the process of moving into a rent to own property and when I purchase it I plan on implementing some of the farmhouse chic design elements to my home, including a barn door for the bathroom and closet. Doors take up so much floor space compared to barn doors.

If barn doors don’t work, pocket doors are another option. They slide into an open space between the walls. I’ll have to see if this is a viable option if I am unable to add barn doors.

How to Add Farmhouse Chic Design Elements to Your Home

Pick Farmhouse Chic Art Work

Don’t be afraid to hang farmhouse chic artwork. They are often made using the farmhouse chic design elements. Again, you can even use open shelving in your living room, hallways, and dining rooms. The open shelving would give you a place to display artwork in a picture frame.

Choose Popular Farmhouse Paint Colors

When picking paint choices for your home, we suggest picking shades of gray, white, greens, or grays with hints of blue or purples. We suggest going to your local paint store and picking up a wide variety of swatches. Take them home and choose them in your home. Remember the lighting at the store will always be different than the lighting in your home.   We suggest that you buy a batch of test paint. A test batch will allow you to paint it on the wall before you end up spending a bunch of money on a paint color that you don’t really like. Also, when picking paint colors, if you are using the shade swatches, the top color will give you an idea of the undertones found in the lighter shades. Think of taking the top shade and adding white to it to change the shade. The original shade is still present.

Use Farmhouse Chic Accessories

Add your favorite farmhouse chic accessories to complete the design you want to achieve. Your accessories should compliment things that you like or pieces that tell a story. Accessories are a great way to add pops of color.

Before shopping take measurements of the space so that you can ensure your favorite farmhouse chic accessory will fit where you envision that it will go.

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Don’t be afraid to search for farmhouse chic accessories at thrift stores, discount stores, or garage sales. It is even possible that you will find accessories that you can use that are already in your house. You never know what hidden treasures you will find. Never buy something just to fill the space, wait until you find pieces that resonate with your style and that you are completely obsessed with. Remember Joanna, uses books, baskets, vases, and picture frames filled with family photos.

How to Add Farmhouse Chic Design Elements to Your Home

Do you love the farmhouse chic design elements? Are you using these elements in your home?

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  1. I have always loved the look and feel of wood interiors and flooring. I want to have a shiplap wall in my living room. That would add a cozy feel to my home.


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