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10 Healthy Treats to Get You Through the Holidays

Holidays are so fun with family and friends gathering from near and far. There’s gift giving, movie watching, fun games, baby cuddles, and of course, the food! Half the fun is in the delicious foods that we center our gatherings around. But, there are often tons of sugary sweets that congregate for little fingers to …

Hosting the Best Polar Express Movie Night

How to Host a Polar Express Movie Night at Home

Do your kids enjoy watching The Polar Express? We have already watched The Polar Express a few times already this month. It is one of our favorite Christmas movies. Before Christmas is pretty low-key in our house, we decorate the Christmas tree, make cookies, attend church on Christmas eve, and watch Christmas movies together. This …

Ways to Help your Teething Baby

5 Things You Can Do to Help Your Teething Baby

There is nothing harder and sadder for both parent and baby than the teething stage, so here are a couple of things to help ease some of the pain. Disclosure: We aren’t health care providers and shared these tips based upon on our experiences. Keep in mind that all babies are different and what might …

Photos with Santa Memories for CHristmas

17 Christmas Traditions to Share with Your Kids

Growing up Christmas was always my favorite time of year as a child. Now that I have children of my own, seeing Christmas through their eyes is even better and I wanted to continue the magical experience. Over the last decade, things have changed and some of the traditions that were popular are no longer …


10 Ways to Help Families in Need this Christmas

Are you worried that your decisions about how you handle Christmas gifts are feeding your child’s sense of entitlement? For families with young children, Santa often brings the more expensive items that your child has been eyeing all year long. However, just because your child wants something doesn’t mean that they are entitled to get …

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How to Talk to Your Child About Avoiding the Flu This Winter + Checklist

Are you prepared for the flu season this year? Each year different strains of the flu and scientist analyze data that is collected from 142 national influenza centers in 113 different countries (further reading on how flu vaccines are made) to determine which virus is expected to make its rounds during the next flu season. Vaccines aren’t perfect but …