Baby Yoda Snack for Kids

Happy May the 4th be with you! This year has flown by so quickly, that it is hard to believe that we are in May already. It is my son’s birthday month too! I wanted to share with you this fun Baby Yoda snack for kids. I hope that your kids enjoy this healthy treat. After all, who doesn’t love baby Yoda?

Star Wars Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated by fans of the Star Wars franchise. It’s observed annually on May 4th, inspired by the pun on the catchphrase “May the Force be with you” from the movies. On this day, fans often celebrate by watching Star Wars films or TV shows, dressing up as their favorite characters, attending events or conventions, and engaging in various Star Wars-themed activities. It’s a day for fans to come together and celebrate their love for the iconic sci-fi saga. Let’s make these fun snacks for the kids.

Baby Yoda Snacks for Kids 1

Baby Yoda Ingredients List

You will need the following items to make these cute snacks for your kids.

  • Kiwi 
  • Black Icing
  • ToothPicks 
  • Peeler
Baby Yoda Snacks for Kids 2

How to Make the Baby Yoda Kiwi Snacks

Follow the directions so that you can make these fun May the 4th Be With You snacks for your kids. The kids will love the cute baby Yoda kiwis.

Baby Yoda Snack Process

Using a peeler peel the skin off half of each kiwi.

Baby Yoda Snack Process 1

Slice a kiwi to make the Yoda ears.

Baby Yoda Snack Process 2

Using toothpicks, stick the kiwi slice ears into the Baby Yoda.

Baby Yoda Snack Process 3

Using the black icing, stain eyes onto the Baby Yoda. 

Baby Yoda Snack Process 4

Serve and enjoy!

Baby Yoda Snacks for Kids 3

The kids will love these fun snacks. I love that they are a healthy choice too. Most fun snacks aren’t always healthy but these fun Baby Yoda Snack for Kids is a great choice.

Baby Yoda Snack for Kids

Do you think your kids will love these Baby Yoda Snacks for Kids?

12 thoughts on “Baby Yoda Snack for Kids”

  1. Hey there! I just wanted to drop a quick note to express my gratitude for the Baby Yoda snack for kids. It’s seriously awesome! As a huge fan of all things Star Wars, seeing a snack inspired by the adorable Baby Yoda is a dream come true.

  2. Well, those are cute. I have a student who always wants kiwi when I bring in chocolate for the other students (football player, watching his body fat… of which he doesn’t have any, lol). Maybe I’ll put one of these on his desk to be funny. He’ll probably get a kick out of it. End of the year shenanigans are fun. 🙂

  3. Omgoodness, how cute is this and my kids love Kiwi so I might create these for them the next time I grab a few.

  4. These are so adorable and I ahve to make them for my husband and the kids. My husband LOVES kiwis and he loves Star Wars so this is a win win!

  5. My Godson’s birthday is also in May, so this Baby Yoda snack couldn’t have come at a better time! Can’t wait to try making these cute treats with him. May the 4th be with you too!


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