4 Reasons Why You Want to See an Experienced Dentist

Experience seems to be everything. You need it to land many jobs, you need it to convince people to listen to you, and really it all comes down to proving your merit.

I am a big advocate for giving inexperienced people, or at least people with minimal experience, a chance to prove themselves. That is how we all start off, an inexperienced individual in need of work and mentorship.

That being said, there are some things you just trust those who are experienced. One big industry where we all tend to do this is the medical field. While it is important for young medical professionals to gain experience, sometimes it can make you a little nervous, “what do you mean I personally have had more surgeries in life than you have performed?!?”

4 Reasons Why You Want to See an Experienced Dentist

An experienced dentist is a must-have in my mind. Whether you are taking your children to a pediatric dentist or going for yourself, experience is important. I have been had my teeth worked on by some younger dentists. Some truly did a great job, and one didn’t give me enough novocaine and I felt way more than I should have while having my cavity taken care of. The perks of a good, experienced dentist are real.  

Picking an Experienced Dentist


Any good dentist can listen to a description of your problem, take a look and figure out what is going on. That is what they go to school for, and that is what they are good at. 

Experienced dentists have a leg up due to the fact that they have seen more. Thanks to their years of experience, they can quickly figure out what is going on, even if the problem is hidden or underlying. They not only have the knowledge, but the experience to know how it applies. 

Surgery Experience

The last thing anyone in this world wants is someone who is inexperienced hovering over them with surgical equipment. Inexperience is a bit of a stretch here as all dentists are trained in doing so, so they are all capable.

Still, it feels better to know that the dentist you are trusting your face or your children’s face to has seen and done this before. It removes at least one worry from the layers of nervousness that shroud any medical operation. You know you and your children are in good hands. 

Eye for Detail

Dentists who have been at it for a while notice everything. Any dentist can see the obvious issues with a tooth. Experienced dentists notice the little things.

An experienced dentist, or really an experienced professional in any field, has the aforementioned experience to rely on. That experience helps them to be more thorough, yet still efficient. They can quickly perform check-ups and operations and not miss the small, almost unnoticeable details of your teeth and mouth.

Reasons to See an Experienced Dentist


One complaint about older professionals in any field is that they aren’t up to date with new technologies or methods. You could find this true in any given industry. 

Most dentists stay up to date with the newest techniques and technology. One huge reason why is that it makes their job easier. So why wouldn’t they? They understand that in order to stay relevant and effective, they need to be using the tools that will allow them to quickly and efficiently do their job. 

Dentists are like any other professionals in that experience makes them desirable. Again, I think that dentists with less experience are still great and will give you the care you need. However, if you do have a dentist around you that has experience and proven results, it may be an easy choice when it comes to scheduling yours or your child’s next checkup.

4 Reasons Why You Want to See an Experienced Dentist

What do you look for when it comes to picking an experienced dentist for your family?

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