Shark Pudding Cups for Kids

Shark Week is an annual, week-long TV programming event on the Discovery Channel, which features shark-based content. It started in 1988 and typically airs in the summer. The programming includes documentary-style shows, educational segments, and sometimes more sensationalized content about sharks. Shark Week aims to raise awareness about sharks, their behavior, and conservation efforts while providing viewers with entertainment. With Shark Week coming up soon, I wanted to share these fun Shark Pudding Cups for Kids.

Shark Pudding Cups for Kids 1


You will need to purchase the following ingredients to make these shark treats for kids.

Shark Pudding Cups Directions 1
Shark Pudding Cups for Kids 2


Add a few drops of food coloring into each pudding cup.

Shark Pudding Cups Directions 2

Stir the pudding cups so that the pudding turns blue.

Shark Pudding Cups Directions 3

Place the graham crackers in a plastic bag and crumble the crackers to create sand. Then sprinkle the sand in one corner of the pudding cups.

Shark Pudding Cups Directions 4

Place a gummy shark on top.

Shark Pudding Cups Directions 5

Stick in a paper umbrella. 

    Shark Pudding Cups Directions 6

    Serve and enjoy!

    With Shark Week just around the corner, we hope that your kids enjoy these fun snacks.

    Shark Pudding Cups for Kids

    Do you think your kids would enjoy these fun Shark Pudding Cups for Kids?

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    1. These are sooo cute and they look delicious. I’m going to make these for when the grandkids come over…they love pudding.

    2. Thank you for sharing these adorable Shark Pudding Cups! I can’t wait to try them out with the gummy sharks and paper umbrellas—it’s going to be a hit at our house! 🦈💙


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