5 Ways To Get Someone to Take Over Your Lease

Imagine hanging up the phone with feelings of triumph coursing through you. You just accepted a job offer that will elevate your status and income. Then, a pit forms in your stomach as you realize that you have to get out of your rental lease. 

If you live in a rental home, you are probably aware of the leasing process. Some leases aren’t that bad to get out of. Some charge a fee, some require a new renter in your place, and some require both. Many places are mainly concerned about a renter filling in the property, so if you found a replacement the landlord isn’t generally concerned about anything else.

Those restrictions depend mostly on the owner. If you are living in a non-apartment property, like a rental home or trailer, then your landlord may be more flexible than if they are running an entire apartment complex, those leases are usually pretty strict. 

Take over a lease for someone

5 Ways To Get Someone to Take Over Your Lease

Regardless of what is expected, there are some ways to make it a lot easier to get someone to take over your lease and replace you. 

Appealing Interior

When people come to see your living space, make sure it looks great! Thorough cleaning, good lighting, and a quick Google search for home decor tips will serve you well. 

No one wants to live in a place where they will feel dirty or cramped. Even if you don’t live in the nicest place, a little effort can show that there are ways to make the living space nice and desirable. 

Monetary Incentive

So many people are looking for a great deal on rent. It comes down to wanting to save money. If you can offer them a monetary incentive to take over, it may help your cause a lot. 

It doesn’t have to be anything crazy. It could be simple, like offering to pay the full transfer fee. Some people are even in a good enough financial position to offer to pay the full month’s rent the month they move out, or even the next month’s rent. This may be uncommon, but would definitely draw in a new tenant. 

how to Get someone to take over your lease


There are highs and lows of living anywhere. One thing to avoid is making it seem like there are no downsides to your place. You don’t want to sabotage yourself by being too negative, but be honest. 

If you have an annoying neighbor, and the people looking at your place ask about the neighbors don’t tell them it’s great. Find a tactful way to say there are some people that live close by that can be a handful, but most of them are great. Acting as if there are no downsides to where you live will throw up red flags to prospective tenants. 

Talk it Up

We told you to be transparent, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to sell them on all the good things. If there are awesome aspects about living where you do, tell them about it. 

If the amenities are wonderful, if there is a nice store or gym close by, or if the bus stops right outside your apartment, let them know. Market your place as desirable, just be honest about it. 

Throw in Some Furniture

If you are making a long-distance move and are going to get rid of some of your furniture, make prospective tenants a deal on it. Give them a good discount. If they love the look of your place, this may help sell them on it.

If you can afford to throw it in for free, that is even more appealing. People are always looking for a great deal, it goes back to everyone wanting to save money. So give them a deal that is too good to pass up. 

It can be a bit stressful when you need to get a contract or lease sold. Don’t let it ruin you though. Be familiar with your lease and what your landlord requires of you in this situation. Market your place the associated benefits well and someone will snap it up. 

5 Ways To Get Someone to Take Over Your Lease

Have you ever had to get someone to take over your lease? How did it go?

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  1. Luckily I’ve never had to worry about this myself. I think this is a great post though because it’s got a lot of great information. Many could really use this.

  2. Wonderful tips. My friend had to go through this issue, he couldn’t finish his lease and had to pay the remaining balance till the end of the contract.


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